Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Craft: Not a Creature Was Stirring

I found this ADORABLE idea here.  These are great gifts for grandparents and great-grandparents.  I usually sit down and make five of these at one time.  You could even do one set of prints while one child is napping or at school, and then the other set of prints at another time.  One on one with paint can be less messy.

What I always start out by doing is taking an old fitted sheet and placing it over my dining table.  This protects my table for the most part.

I use card stock or watercolor paper.  I pull out five sheets of paper.  One for my parents, one for the in-laws, one for our house (I frame them and hang them up with the holiday decor!), and finally, one set each for my grandparents - my kids are so lucky to have FOUR great grandparents!  Then I pull out two extra sheets (you will see why below).

I use a paper plate, add gray paint, and dip one child's hand in it.  I switch out the five papers and do five hand prints.  Then I give her one of the extra two sheet and let her go to town.  Sometimes I give them another paper plate with lots of colors and they have a finger painting session.

Next I do the hand print with the other child, and give her the other extra sheet.  Now they are occupied while I clean up my portion of the craft.

I place the five hand print papers on the table to dry (it shouldn't take too long).  Throw out the gray paint paper plate, and finish supervising the finger paint session.  Wash up the kids (maybe a bath), and they go off to play.

Grab a pencil and markers - gray, black, pink, green, and red.  Make pink circles for ears and outline with gray.  Make black eyes, nose, whiskers, and a tail.  The holly is green and red with black outline, and the saying is in green.  Sketch the saying in pencil first to make sure it is the layout you want, then go over it in marker.  "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse."

Write the name next to each child's hand print so you don't forget whose is whose!  And add which year this was.

Fun for the kids, it doesn't require too much artistic ability, and the grandparents just love it!  You may even see a tear.  Merry Christmas!