Thursday, September 1, 2016

Fall To Do: Backyard Campout

I dislike camping.  My husband thinks it is a great experience (I agree...for other people, ha!).  Last year, I did not think the girls were ready to camp.  Mr. Perfect improvised and decided to set up a camp out in our back yard.  I think this is a fantastic alternative to actual camping.

He set up the tent and started a fire.

 Molly the kitty enjoyed exploring the tent.

Of course we had s'mores.

And ghost stories!  It was actually a super cute and friendly (not scary) book about Georgie the Ghost.  They made funny faces with the flashlight on their face, and shadow puppets.

They went right to sleep when it was bedtime, and even slept in when it was morning!  I brought them hot chocolate when they woke up.  It was such a special treat.

Since they did so well, does this mean I have to entertain the idea of ACTUAL camping this year?!?

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