Friday, May 6, 2016

Currently: 05.06.16 Kids' Edition

I thought it would be fun to do a kid version of the Currently List.  You can check out my most recent list here.

Watching:  The girls' most recent favorite is Kate and Mim-Mim.  My oldest likes Big Bang Theory.

Reading:  I don't even remember how I came across these books, but I. LOVE. THEM.  Getting kids interested in classic literature is really important to me, and these books are the gateway to this.  The artwork is colorful and playful.  My son loves reading the Jabberwocky book to the girls.  There are more being released later this year that I have already pre-ordered!

Listening:  My son loves his podcasts, and the girls like twirling around to Let It Go.

Making: ...a huge mess!  I love seeing their imagination sprinkled around the house.

Feeling: I could not choose just one feeling.  The girls' feelings seem to roller coaster all over the place daily.  Overall, I believe them to be happy and content, but the emotions do vary widely throughout the day depending on the situation.  You know, like if they asked for triangle toast, and we gave them triangle toast, but it was on the wrong plate.

Loving:  They love our backyard chickens.  They always ask to hold them, feed them, get them out of their coop.

Wearing: The girls are wearing lots of dresses.  They beg to wear dresses daily!  My son is totally into comfort.  He wears jeans and tee (his favorite is a bacon shirt).

Drinking:  The girls love juice boxes and chocolate milk.  My oldest likes hot chocolate.

Wanting:  The girls want sleepovers.  They constantly ask us to sleep in their rooms.  The oldest wants an XBox.

Needing:  Snuggles.  No, wait, that's what I need from them!  They do need time and patience.

Waiting:  My youngest is waiting for her birthday!  It is next month, so for her that means it will take forever to get here!

Dreaming: My oldest is a big dreamer.  He wants to go to a high tech college and create characters for Nintendo.  I love his dreams and I hope so much that he achieves them.

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