Thursday, April 21, 2016

Currently: 04.22.16

Do you follow R U Kristin?  I found her because of her Currently Journal Cards.  I love the concept of documenting current events in your life to reflect on later.  I have done these lists in my planners, and I'm going to document here as well.  You can make the list as long or as short as you wish.  Of course documenting all things positive and negative can be useful, but using this as a way to make sure you focus on what you are grateful for in life.  Please share your currently lists with me in the comments!

Watching:  We just finished binge watching both seasons of Catastrophe.  This is the first series Mr. Perfect has binge watched.  When it was over, he looked at me and said, "When does the next season come out?  YOU MEAN WE HAVE TO WAIT?!"  Welcome to Binge Watching Depression, Darling.

The first episode of the first season was my favorite, which is probably why I was committed to the rest of the series.  The writing was great, so many hysterical lines.  The rest of the series was just okay.  I didn't enjoy the couple fighting so much.  But they didn't hold a grudge, so that was nice.  Overall, a good show to watch if you're looking to kill some time.

Reading:  I am so horrible about reading books.  My attention span is zero after the kids go to bed.  I am always multi-tasking, which does not lend itself to focusing on a book.  I do read books about family dynamics, as we have a blended family, and it is important to me to always be improving relationships.  My go to read is usually a magazine.  I prefer to read magazines online (no waste), but my mom and girlfriends do give me their magazines when they are done with them.  I fully support reusing and then recycling.  My current favorite is Real Simple.  The information is useful, and I love the styling and layout of the magazine.

Listening:  I love music, and almost always have something playing on my phone.  However, recently, my girlfriend encouraged me to listen to podcasts.  I haven’t done this because, like reading, I have a difficult time focusing.  Music is easy to go in and out of listening because there is nothing to follow.  Podcasts require paying attention.  The podcasts I was trying to listen to were not capturing my attention.  My friend suggested finding something that interested me, not just what I saw recommended by other people.  I like funny, and I like being a mom.  So, I Googled “funny mom podcast”, and landed on One Bad Mother.  Now, I’m addicted to podcasts!  I will share some of my other favorite podcasts in my next few Currently series.

Making:  Mother’s Day gifts!

Feeling:  Ridiculously happy.  As someone who has experienced depression and anxiety, this feeling of joy and content is very welcomed.  I still have anxiety many days, but it is not as severe as it has been in recent years, and it isn’t affecting my feelings of happiness.  Diagnosed with chronic depression, I know there will be bouts of it in the future, so I am cherishing my happy thoughts as much as possible!

Planning:  BBQ at our house coming up in a couple of weeks, and my daughter’s fourth birthday party in June.

Loving:  The things my kids say.  My five year old is especially funny right now.  This age is so unedited, and I love hearing her innocent thoughts.

Hating:  Sugar.  I don’t eat much, but I really want to kick sugar for good.  Any tips?

Wearing:  I received a diffuser necklace from my Work Secret Santa for Christmas, and I really cannot get enough of it.  I usually use Stress Relief in it.

Eating:  I have been consumed with veggies as noodles lately.  I cook a spaghetti squash and then put pesto on it, or pan fry zucchini and beets.  And I can’t stuff my face quickly enough!

Drinking:  Coffee and water is all I ever drink!  In that order!

Weather:  Has been bizarre.  Earlier this week the high was 90*, today is a high of 75*, and tomorrow is a high of 65*?  What is that?!

Wanting:  A really good one piece bathing suit.  I have a bikini that I really like, but I would like to add a one piece.  I pinned a few options.  Any suggestions?

Needing:  I need a break.  The good news is that I am getting one soon!

Waiting:  We (ahem, Mr. Perfect) are in the planning stage of building a “she shed” and a “he shed” in our backyard.  I want them to be completed already!

Dreaming:  Of our next vacation.

Whew!  That was a pretty extensive list this time!

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