Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Whip Into Shape Wendesday: Gluten Makes You Fluffy

I have shared most of my meals with you (see here, here, and here I still need to do dinner!), as well as my gluten free journey.  I wanted to share a photo of where I started.

Stats from the photo on the left:  2008, I was 29, one child.
Stats from the photo on the right:  2015, I was 36, three children.

The difference in weight is 35 pounds.  I am now down another 10 pounds, for a total of 45 pounds of weight loss.  That I didn't even have to lift a finger for work outs!  The weight was strictly lost through my food intake.

To be completely fair, it wasn't just gluten.  I eat much healthier now than I did in 2008.  Along with discovering what gluten does to the body, I learned a lot of other things about food and nutrition.

As I mentioned, I have lost ten more pounds since taking the picture on the right.  I have also quit consuming sugar, diet soda, and most process foods.  Sure, I still have "cheat" days when I eat some potato chips. And I will have a sip of my husband's diet soda every once in awhile.  I do really try to keep away from sugar because it is so addicting.

When I first gave up gluten, I did cheat, and when I did, I noticed how AWFUL I felt.  So I just started viewing gluten as poison.  Now, I am not tempted at all to take a doughnut from the break room.  I need to adjust my thinking the same for sugar, as I do notice that I don't feel my best when I consume sugar.  It's just not as bad as when I was consuming gluten.  But it certainly doesn't provide any benefits, either.

So what does gluten do to the body?  It, along with alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and dairy, causes inflammation.  Inflammation of a variety of things.  Joints/tissue (arthritis), skin (eczema), brain (foggy/fatigue), intestines (leaky gut/IBS/Chron's), general pain (fibromyalsia/lupus), respiratory (asthma/allergies).  Do I believe that eliminating these things from your diet can completely cure you?  Maybe not.  I am certainly not a medical professional.  But I would suggest that it is worth trying for a set amount of time (3 months) to see if you at least feel better.  I certainly feel better, and I think I look better.  ;)

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