Thursday, February 25, 2016

Take Care Thursdays: How To Treat Yourself Without Spending A Dime

Taking care of ourselves is essential to our mental health.  However, sometimes we can't afford what we think it takes to care for ourselves.  Spa days, shopping, vacations, etc.  I do talk about basic self care here.  Here are some additional no cost (and no food) reward ideas for you:

1.  Paint your nails.  Of course it's nice to have a mani/pedi done by someone else, but painting your own nails can still be a treat.  Pull those winter toenails out of their boots, and paint a bright color on them.  It will make you smile!  You can also enlist one of your kids to rub your feet with some lotion.

2.  Take a day off.  I do this about once a month.  I take the day off and spend it sleeping in, watching DVR, taking a long, quiet bath, and taking a nap.  I usually do clean, but that is something I enjoy.  I am also doing it in peace!  I try to not run errands, but sometimes it's just practical.  As an introvert, this day off is essential to my mental health.

3.  Take a bath.  After the kids go to sleep, light some candles, grab a book and a glass of wine, make a natural face mask, shave, throw in some lavender essential oils, and soak until you are wrinkly.  Bonus points if you arrange to get into clean sheets that night!

4.  Take a walk/drive/bike ride without your phone.  Yeah, I know, you might miss a photo opp of a gorgeous sunset that none of your FB friends will see.  Put the phone down, and walk away.  Go outside and be alone with your thoughts and the fresh air.  Take some slow, deep breaths.  Even five minutes of this can be very uplifting.

5.  Make time to do your hair and make up.  Most mornings, I throw my wet hair into a ponytail.  And I don't wear make up.  Decide one morning to get up with enough time to blow out your hair, do all the make up you wish, and put together an intentional outfit.  I swear, you will feel like a million bucks.  See how much confidence you walk around with that day!

6.  Yoga/Meditation.  Yoga is one of my happy places.  It's free, and you can do it anywhere!  Spend 15 minutes doing some yoga poses (five of my favorite poses are here) and breathing intentionally.

I already feel better!

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