Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Spread: Essential Kitchen Tools

My life is extremely rooted in routine.  This is mainly because I'm lazy to make my already crazy life less crazy.  You have read about my meal prepping.  Here are some basic tools that make my life easier in the kitchen.  I use all of these items every single week.

Bowls.  I use bowls for everything.  To hold fruits and veggies on the counter.  To hold fruits and veggies in the fridge.  For cereal, reheating leftovers, crack eggs, mixing, etc.  Bowls are versatile and help organize a multitude of items!  I am partial to bowls with pour spouts built in.  They must also be microwave and dishwasher safe.

Rubber Spatulas.  These are great for getting every last drop from your bowl or pan.  I like them much better than wooden spoons.  Make sure they are heat resistant, so they don't melt.

Baking Sheets.  Are your baking sheets old and gross?  Treat yourselves to new ones!  They are so shiny, and inexpensive.  I use mine to cook spaghetti squash every week (for this recipe), and to make cloud bread (so, so good - low carb and gluten free!).

Paring Knife.  I use this knife the most often.  Avocados, mangos, bananas, zucchini, carrots, celery, etc. Peeling, slicing, scoring, oh my!

Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder.  I only use this salt in my kitchen.

Rubber Jar Opener.  My mom always had one of these, so I assumed everyone did.  I was speechless the first time I was at someone's house and they didn't have one.  How do you ever open a jar without one?!?  This is definitely one of those #itsthelittlethings that makes a huge difference.

Spiralizer.  Zucchini Alfredo is a staple in my diet (I make it at least three times per week!), and I use this amazing tool to turn my zucchini into noodles.

Food Containers.  I have been starting to use these in my meal prep instead of plastic bags.  Better for the environment, and less than a Starbucks coffee!

Coffee Grinder.  I would die without coffee, and this little gadget makes me look forward (sort of) to being up early on the weekends!  Also, pick up one of these next time you are at IKEA.  Best three bucks ever spent.

Toast Tongs.  You may laugh, but I'm serious!  I hate burning my fingers on toast, and I do not want my littles sticking their fingers into the toaster.  This is a must have.

Mixer.  Okay, listen up you guys.  This is hands down THE best investment you will make in your kitchen.  My KitchenAid was a wedding gift (from my first marriage).  I received it in 1999.  Go ahead, get your calculator.  Yeah, it's old.  It still works just like it did the day I pulled it out of the box.  If you don't have one, get one.

There you have it!  These items keep my meal prep simple and organized.

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