Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Party Planning: 3 Year Old Frozen Birthday Party

My girls (obviously) loved the movie Frozen.  For my daughter's third birthday last summer, she wanted a Frozen themed party.  Here are the details!

I designed her invitation using Microsoft Publisher.  I usually Google invitation design ideas and pull a few ideas (style, color, font, images, etc.) from different invitations I find.

Decor was fun!  I hung this "Love is an Open Door" sign on our front door to greet our guests.

For each party, I bring out their newborn photo because I think it is so fun to see the change!  I also bring out a wooden letter that is their first initial.  It's simple, I already have it, and it personalizes it.

I made the tassel banner with tissue paper.  Very simple to do!  And inexpensive - these can sell on Etsy for $25, and this one cost me less than $3 to make!  I make one for each party and then hang it over their bedroom window until the next party!

I found this great line of "Family Forever".  I liked these colors over the traditional blue Frozen colors.  I ordered the cocktail napkins, cups, and tablecloth.  I ordered square solid purple plates, and gold utensils.

Food and drink are always kept pretty simple.  I do the parties between lunch and dinner, but I do provide a small snack.  I had warm hugs and true love's kiss in the silver buckets, and Frozen blue Lindt chocolates in the apothecary jar.

Drinks were a Frozen blue punch and then fruit infused water.  One of the carafes had cucumber and lemon, and the other had lemon and blueberry. The punch was served in small milk bottles with purple paper straws!

Party favors were placed in these buckets from the Target dollar section.  I added Frozen sticker sheets, Frozen necklace, Frozen chap stick, and a container of Play Doh.  Because one time I accidentally ordered two boxes of 36 containers of Play Doh.  These will be included in party favors for awhile.  I also added these cute tags (also found in the Target dollar section), and wrote "Thank You" on them.  I still sent Thank You cards, though!

Princess Anna made a surprise visit to our house!  The girls were just in awe.  This was such a great decision.  I started the party about 30 minutes before she was scheduled to arrive (to allow for stragglers).  During that time we colored Frozen printable sheets and played "Pin the Nose on Olaf".  Then Anna arrived.  She sang, told her story, played a game with them, and wrote each girl a special note.  I usually plan many games for parties, so this made it very easy for me!

She made our birthday girl feel SO special.  It truly was magical.

Finally, the cake!

We have a local baker who does custom cakes that not only look incredible, but also taste heavenly!  I usually order white cake with chocolate mousse or vanilla buttercream frosting.  It's a pretty big hit.

This cake might be my very favorite one so far!

After Princess Anna left, we opened gifts and ate cake.  Then the kids just played with the new toys until parents decided it was time to leave.  I think I always say this, but this was one of my favorite parties!

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