Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Musings: Taking a Breaking From Pinterest

I really can't believe that title is true.  I LOVE to pin!  I may not hoard anything at home, but I definitely hoard pins.  I have two accounts (one personal and one for Googling Goddess), and they both had almost 8,000 pins EACH!  So what has caused me to take such drastic action to not only take a break from pinning, but to also DELETE almost 6,000 pins from each account?  Keep reading to find out why and how I did it.

We are changing the layout of our playroom, and I am taking this opportunity to really be intentional about organization and design.  Since the girls are young, their needs have been changing in a major way very quickly since they have been born.  First, we needed areas for them to learn to crawl/sit/walk.  Then, we needed areas for baby toys.  Now we have older kid toys.  I didn't want to design rooms that would be continuously in need of changing.  My youngest will be starting school soon.  Their needs are going to be fairly stable for awhile.  They need a desk for homework, an area for play, and we also have a seating area and television in this room.

So off I went to Pinterest to design the perfect playroom.  What I was greeted with were two boards, Office and Playroom.  Each board had hundreds of pins.  Many of them were not applicable at all.  Of course, inspiration for color, a specific theme, organizational tools, etc. can be extracted from those photos.  What I needed was minimalism, so that I could focus on what the room actually needed.

I started by deleting all of the grandiose rooms that were obviously nothing I was going to do.  Like this:

Love.  But not reality.  And not actually functional for the purpose of our room.

Next, I decided on the design elements I wanted in the room, and deleted any pins that did not assist with that.

The things I need in this room are:

Storage for books
Storage for toys
Wall Decor
The theme I settled on was hot air balloons.  I like that it is whimsical without being too childish.  The color pallet will be greens and blues, so it won't be too feminine for my teen son to hang with his friends.  All of the hot air balloon elements are going to be accent pillows and wall decor, which will be easy and inexpensive to change if I decide to change the theme in the future.
You can see the ideas narrowed down here

Some boards I got rid of completely.  The truth is, my kids have TONS of books, and I have even more books in boxes in storage.  If someone gifts them books, or if I happen to be made aware of a great book for kids, then that is great.  However, I am just not on the hunt for new books for my kids.  So the "Books" board was nixed.

I was hoarding holiday crafts and recipes as though nobody would ever come up with a new idea in the future.  Guess what?  I can search for "Valentines Day craft" every single year!  I just need one or two ideas right now.  Not fifty.  I chose my favorite (I had pinned the same concept five different times), and eliminated the rest.

Now, instead of wasting time searching through things I have already pinned, I can easily make decisions about what I need to purchase to execute my vision!  When each of the rooms in the house are completed, I will start pinning again.  Okay, I'm still pinning A LITTLE BIT.  I am trying to be much more intentional with my pins now.

Except for "My Style".  Because you can never have enough fashion choices.  Just kidding!  I haven't gotten to that board yet.  I want to make a list of staple wardrobe items and accessories, and then I will edit that board.

Don't let Pinterest overwhelm you!  Find purposeful pins, do them, and then pin again!

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