Monday, February 8, 2016

Monday Musings: Recent Google Searches

I realized that I haven't done a list of recent Google searches!  Which is the idea behind my name.  Don't worry, I am always Googling away.  Here are some of my recent searches:

"ritz carlton half moon bay" potential getaway site with the hubby!

"anthropologie bow boot"  I.  Want.  These.  I will not stop searching high and low on ebay, Poshmark, etc. until I find them.  Size 8.5, so let me know if you find them!

"pottery barn glitter twig reindeer" since my divorce, I hadn't really settled on a theme for my holiday decor.  Now I have.  Reindeer!  I found a great deal on this tree topper on ebay.  I can't wait to use it next year!

"2015 best nine" do you follow me on IG?

"calm" lots of research on my OLW for 2016.

"cream cheese pizza dip recipe" my girlfriend and I were scrambling for an app with my ingredients on hand, which wasn't much.  It was pretty hilarious.  This actually came out AMAZING!  I will be making it again.

"when you're a girl who likes food" hilarious.  And so me.

"chip and joanna gains net worth" I am obsessed with celebrity net worth.

"krissyanne designs" did you take advantage of her Free For All?!?  I did!!!  I cannot wait to get my planner sticker order!

"kikkik yellow" I ordered this medium yellow planner, and I am using it for work!  I now have FOUR planners that I am using!  I will outline the purpose for each one very soon.

"character development questions" and "the snowflake method" I am writing a book and the snowflake method is a fantastic method to go about it.

"sleep schedule for three year old" my youngest is on her way to giving up her naps.  My older two napped well into five years old.  Part of me is excited because I don't have to worry about naps interfering with anything we want to do during the day.  The other part of me is sad that this much needed quite time is about to end!

"erika beverly hills housewife" have you seen this girl?!  She. Is. Amazing.  I love her honesty, her bluntness, and her kindness.  She is beautiful and seems to have it all!

"tom girardi and erika jayne net worth" duh.

"louis vuitton pink trim" this bag is at the top of my wish list!

"thumbtack" have you used this website?  It is fantastic.  I used it to find local services like private chefs, roofer, tree trimmer, painter, electrician, etc.  You can receive a quote from several people and decide who you want to work with.

"tartar vs. plaque" do you watch Superstore?  My son and I love it.  He had this question during one of the recent episodes.  The answer was interesting!

"ceiling pot rack" for a friend's kitchen.

"kate spade hot air balloon keychain" I want this as a planner charm!  Following on ebay.

WHEW!  That is quite a bit.  That took us back to the beginning of January.  Hope you learned something new, or found something of interest!

Happy Googling!

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