Friday, February 19, 2016

Fashion Friday: Current Lust List

Do you follow Katie from Style On Target?  You should.  She has great style, she loves navy, and she shops at Target.  She's pretty awesome.  In a recent post, she wrote about about what she would buy if money was no object.  I was inspired to put together a list of my own.  I'm thinking about coming up with a "Save" option for each item as another post!

 I have the Pigalle Spikes Pumps in Nude, but they aren't really appropriate for my office.  I don't have many opportunities to wear them.  This simple neutral would be a great staple in my work wardrobe.

I love the coverage this suit provides, and the scallops and peek a boo are sweet touches.

  I have a gold watch, next on my list is silver.  Then rose gold, then tortoise, then white, then...

Wrap dresses are fantastic for most body types!  I have two and I wear them with heels in the summer and boots in the winter.  They are so versatile, and I always receive compliments when I wear them.

One of my goals is to have a blazer in every color of the rainbow.  This one would be a great addition to my blazer collection.  The warm brown can be dressed up for work, as well as worn with a great pair of jeans for running errands on the weekend.
A Chanel necklace is definitely on my bucket list.
I used to have a black trench and a hot pink trench.  I probably gave them away in one of my purging frenzies.  Once I get one back into my closet, I will never get rid of it!

Do you think it comes with that stomach?!

 I have to find this from a reputable source because LV no longer sells it.
I have this dress in two other colors.  They fit like a GLOVE.

I would love to see your wish list!  Maybe I can add to mine.  ;)

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