Friday, February 5, 2016

Fashion Friday: 7 Ways to Save Money on Clothing Purchases

I love shopping.  Mainly online, because I'm an introvert.  I do not love paying full price.  Here are some tips I have for not paying full price.

1.  Make a wish list.  The best way to not overspend on clothes, especially impulse buys, is to make a wish list.  If you have your list ready when you're shopping, you will be less likely to get distracted by a sweater you don't need, but is a "good price".  You can separate your wish list by pricing, by category, season, or by order you wish to buy.  You can keep your list on Pinterest or in your purse for easy reference.

2.  Invest in classic items and avoid trends.  Sure, it's okay to spend some of your fashion funds on a trendy item here and there.  This will keep your wardrobe relevant.  However, if you spend most of your money on trendy items, you may have to dispose of the item when it goes out of style next year.  Investing in quality basic classics (white button up, black pants, peacoat, etc.) that will never go out of style, you will be able to keep your pieces for years, instead of having to replace your entire wardrobe each season.  Plan to purchase some inexpensive trendy accessories each season to keep your staples updated.  You may spend more on your staples than you would on a throw away item, but the return on your investment is much greater.

3.  Wait.  Waiting does two things.  It allows your instant gratification to calm down a bit, and it gives the item a chance to go on sale.

4.  Wear used items.  Whether it be a clothing swap with friends, a thrift shop, eBay, Poshmark, buying used can save you a ton.  If you don't have a lot of money to spend on your favorite designer, buying used can make it more affordable.

5.  Shop out of season.  Buying winter coats in Spring may feel ridiculous, or swimsuits when it's snowing outside, but at 75-90% off, it is totally worth it!  We can fairly easily determine the size we need as adults for the following season.  For children, this can be a little riskier, as you don't always know when a growth spurt will hit, so be careful if you buy out of season for your kids.

6.  Sign up for e-mail notifications and follow fashion blogs.  This one can be tricky, because it can give you a case of the "gimmies".  If your favorite fashion blogger is "obsessed" with an item, it can be easy to want to keep up with the Joneses.  This is when having a wish list is important.  Combining discount code e-mails from my favorite stores and notifications of sales on fashion blogs has saved me a lot of money. When I have used it wisely.

7.  Use coupon codes and cash back websites.  Obviously, googling comes in handy here.  "nordstrom coupon code", "old navy coupon code", etc. will usually result in some kind of savings, free shipping at a minimum.  Additionally, going to EBates first will get you a percentage of cash back on your purchases.

I have outlined a recent purchase below using some of these tips.  Take a look!

  • I had EBates cash from holiday and birthday shopping.  $45.
  • EBates offered me a 10% increase to use a cash card instead of Paypal.  I chose Gap.  $4.50.
  • I went to the Gap website through EBates.  4% cash back.
  • Ordered two items, one regularly priced at $49.95, on sale for $19.99, and one full priced at $69.95 (from my wish list).
  • Used coupon code METIME for 40% off.  $35.97 savings.
  • Free shipping.
  • Total with tax was $58.82.
  • EBates Gap Card applied and left my total at $8.91.
  • 4% EBates cashback on my order.  $0.35.
  • Gap Cash in the amount of $25 sent to my inbox.
  • ^That purchase will be made through EBates, 4% cashback.  $1.

For a grand total out of pocket for me of $7.56 for two quality pieces valued at $119.90 retail.  I like that kind of math!!!

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