Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday Musings: A Day In The Life of a Goddess Update

I thought I would update our day.  The last one was done two years ago!  I was reading through and realized things have changed quite a bit since then.

As you read, keep this in mind:  Youngest - almost 4 year old girl, Middle - 5 year old girl, my son is 13, and Mr. Perfect is my husband.  Let's start our day:

Believe it or not, my alarm wakes me more often than my kids do these days.  I never thought I would say that! *knocks on wood*

6:15/6:30 a.m. Alarm sounds.

6:30 a.m. - 6:45 a.m. Snuggle with kids.

6:45 a.m. Shower and get ready for work.

7:15 a.m. Say good bye to the girls.  Many times, this is still filled with, "Mommy, I don't want you to go!" or, "Mommy, when you get home, can we play?"  I love saying, "Yes, we will play when I get home."

7:20 a.m.  Pick up son's friend.

7:30 a.m.  Drop off boys at middle school.

7:30 a.m. - 8 a.m. Drive to work.  I only listen to the radio two times per week.  The silence on my commute is needed.  It helps me focus on my OLW for the year.


8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Work, coffee, Facebook, coffee, Google, Pinterest, coffee, Instagram, coffee, Google, blog, coffee, plan, eat, read, drink water, work, work, more work.  I do a lot of my planning and blogging on my lunch breaks.

5 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

On Mondays and Tuesdays, I go to yoga class.  This is a recent development, and so needed.  Taking time for self care is something I struggle with.  Going to these two classes is an instant mood lifter, and it continues throughout the week.  5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

The rest of the week is my drive home.  I am in a really good habit of having the radio off on the way home.  Music is so much part of my soul, but the 20-30 minutes of peace and quiet on the drive home is needed.  I immediately walk into a busy, bustling house when I get home, and while I love it, if I don't have the silence beforehand, it can be a little sensory overload.

5:30 p.m.  "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!!"  My girls run to me and hug me.

5:45 p.m.  Change my clothes while the kids gab about their days.

6 p.m.  Dinner.  We haven't done much meal planning at the beginning of the week, but we pretty much eat the same things each week.  It's not rocket science.  We stick with what works!  We discuss everyone's day and plans for the next day.

6:15 p.m. Clean up dinner.  This often involves packing up part of the leftovers for lunch the next day.

6:30 p.m. Taxi time!  Take the kids to karate, youth group, pick up friends, drop off friends.  It is a never ending loop!  Fortunately, we live in a small town and nothing is more than a ten minute drive from our house.

My son is a black belt!!!  Amazing!  The girls want to be just like him.

If we don't have anything scheduled, and since it stays light later, we will go on a walk, take a short bike ride, play in the backyard, etc.  We read, color, put on puppet shows, or play a recently favorite game of match.

 These puppets are awesome!  And super cheap.  Check them out here.

If the kids are playing well on their own, I will sneak off and pick up around the house, start a load of laundry or put laundry away, or address my Daily Zone.  Sometimes, I sit and watch them play because it is so much fun to see their pure, innocent joy in the simplest of things.

7:30 p.m. Bedtime routine for the girls - take baths, floss and brush, get into pajamas, read books.

8 p.m. Bedtime for the girls! But first:  hugs, kisses, I'm not tired, my foot hurts, another hug, I love you, will you sleep with me, I have a question, I love you, good night.
8 p.m. - 9 p.m. This is still my one on one time with my thirteen year old.  We go over homework, read together, draw/write, play poker, or watch a show together.  His current favorite show is "The Big Bang Theory".

9 p.m. Bedtime for my son.  He gives me really long hugs, and I just love it.  That's our secret, okay, internet?

9 p.m. Occasionally, this is one on one time with Mr. Perfect, but it is usually my quiet time because he is at work.  I will have a show on in the background while I work on a project around the house, plan the next party, or sew something for my girls.

 I sewed this skirt for my girls for Easter.  The shirt is from Etsy.

 During my quiet time, I put together an East Egg Hunt with clues.  It was a huge hit!!!

Usually between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. is my bedtime.

We do have a more recent development that has been added to the mix.  We got a chicken coop!  And chickens.  Well, chicks.  They are about five weeks old now, and we got them when they were two weeks.  I have to clean their bucket twice per day.  I do this as soon as I wake up in the morning, and as soon as I get home from work in the evening.  They are a lot of work, but also a great source of entertainment.  The kids absolutely adore them.  We call our middle daughter, "The Chicken Whisperer", because she is so good at catching them!  I cannot wait until they are bigger and can roam around the backyard safely.  And produce eggs.

The coop is from Costco!  It took Mr. Perfect about 45 minutes to put it together.

 The Chicken Whisperer

On the weekends, the 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. consists of more outdoor play, karate, a grocery run, crafts, play dates, and going to the park.  It seems like we are constantly working on projects around the house.  We have a hard time sitting still.  Juggle all the things!

 They are so excited it is warm enough to play in the water table!
The swimsuits are from the Easter Bunny (and Target).

This is a local children's theater.  We enjoyed a showing of Shrek Jr. here.

My middle daughter is Miss Independence.  She is making her own sandwich!

What has changed in the last two years?  All of my kids are more independent.  Even my oldest!  Sometimes I feel as though I never see him anymore!  He hangs out with his friends a lot on the weekends.  I am very happy for his growing friendships.  The girls do not require my attention 100% of the time anymore.  There are other struggles.  They still have tantrums aplenty, they argue, they don't want what I made for dinner, etc.  But overall, they are much easier to manage than they were from my last update.

Mr. Perfect works a lot, and he works on the weekends, which is when I am off.  The good news is that this eliminates the need for a lot of child care, a huge financial savings.  But it is difficult to not see him very often.  We text and FaceTime when possible.  I am so thankful he has a job that he enjoys.  We will have forever together when we retire, and then we will probably be sick of each other, ha!

If you share what your week looks like on your blog, post a link in the comments!  I would love to be nosy and see what you're up to!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Grieving and Friendship

I wrote here about my girlfriend's mom.  Their journey with cancer was short lived, and her mom passed away earlier this year, only a few months after receiving her diagnosis.  In those months, my friend had sold her home, moved her family into the home where her parents had just moved, switched schools for her daughter, and she 100% cared for her mom.  She had doctor appointments daily.  She still cared for her family, and her dad.  Cooking, cleaning, laundry, everything.  Not one moment was spent on herself, she was always on call for someone else.  The end was such a whirlwind, I am still in shock about how quickly it all happened.

My friend and I are alike in so many ways.  We are both very sarcastic, great sense of humor, quick witted, giving, honest (to a fault), genuine, reliable.  We are both co-dependent and often go to each other for life altering decisions ridiculously simple advice, like, which shoes should my kid wear.  We also both avoid grief.  Grief totally sucks.  I hate it.  It’s one of those things that you can’t just make GO AWAY.

If you’re having a bad day because your kid stomped on a snail or drew on the wall, I can help you with that.  Make a joke and suggest downing a bottle of wine, and we’re back to giggling.  Your kid eats some colored bath drops?  I’ll Google that for you (actually, Rachel did that for our other [nameless] friend, and her kid is fine, btw), and suggesting a glass of wine.  FIXED!  Husband being a jerk?  Make disparaging remarks and always be on her side.  Now and then be objective and gently help her through the situation.  And then suggest wine.

Grief doesn’t just go away with jokes and wine.  Of course, I have been known to make an inappropriate comment to her to make her laugh, and I’m certain wine has helped her numb her pain on occasion.  But the pain of losing your mom?  That is just flat out never going to go away.  Not one thing I can say or do will even put a dent in what she has ahead of her for the rest of her life (sorry, Rach, I know you’re reading this and that’s a huge bummer).  Also, we live so far apart from each other.  I can't run over to her house after work, clean her house, watch a movie, help her with the kids.  It sucks! It feels so disabling.  I want nothing more than to be able to remove this pain from her.  And I can’t.  She is stuck with it.

Another tricky thing about grief is that the person grieving doesn’t always know what they need.  Sometimes a hug or a good cry will suffice.  Sometimes a listening ear is good enough.  Sometimes they need more.  But they don’t know what it is.  Maybe because whatever “it” is, doesn’t exist at this point.  It might be time, or some self-discovery down the road.  Or this could just be a piece that always pains their heart.

She texts me about it.  Usually, I don’t know what to say.  Other than I’m sorry, or I love you.  BLAH BLAH - I should have been a therapist, right?  What she has been doing is something I find to be very brave.  She posts about it on Facebook.  For nearly 700 people to see, she is vulnerable and open about her loss.  With (intentionally) less than 200 friends myself, 50 being family, I would never have the courage to share like she has.  As I mentioned here, this is something I don’t often see on social media.  Her boldness is inspiring to me.

The first time I saw it, I was a little hurt that she didn’t come to me.  I feel selfish thinking that, but I wanted to be the (only) one there for her every moment that she is hurting.  However, as stated previously, I’m kind of lousy at saying the right things when it comes to her loss.  I'm also wishing to steal the blessing that others can be for her.  Those who can offer beautiful words of comfort to her.  When I do help her feel better, it makes me feel good.  Others should be able to experience that as well.

She probably avoids grief with me for the same reason we both try to avoid it...we’re not good at it.  On either end!  Avoiding it is so much easier for both of us.  It’s easier to talk about the fixer upper she is drooling over, or last week’s episode of Survivor.  My hope is that avoiding serves some purpose on her healing journey, too.  I would get an Olympic gold medal for that every time.

I haven’t asked her why she is doing this.  Today she mentioned than many of the people she is friends with on Facebook have been part of their whole journey, from the transplant to the cancer.  Maybe that’s why.  She also linked to a site regarding how to become an organ donor, as that is what had saved her mom fifteen years ago.  That is certainly an amazing way to honor her mother, and what better platform to do that than social media.

Seriously, whatever the reason, I am so thankful that she has found an outlet to express her thoughts.  It is certainly better than keeping it all inside.  It is also better than reading the asinine political discussions that are littering my news feed these days.  She says these eloquent words that move me to tears.  I feel so lame commenting on her posts. “Sorry.  Love you.”  Like I broke her iPhone, or one of her vintage Pyrex bowls.  People who I know don’t know her as well as I do (because I know her best) offer nicer condolences than that.  When someone I love is hurting, I am literally at a loss.  Maybe that is part of my frustration.  Normally, I do not lack the ability to use words to express myself, and aside from the daily occasional road rage swear, I have a fairly articulate vocabulary.  Yet, I can’t seem to muster more than, “I’m sorry” when it comes to her grief?!  Maybe I should Google a list of things to say when people are grieving. #googlefixeseverything

I would drop everything in one second and run the entire 2,216.2 miles to hug her until the end of time if that’s what she needed.  And I would bring wine.  I hope all of my friends know that I would go to the moon and back to fix their pain.  Even though I express myself verbally as well as a snail when it comes to grief, I’m still here to listen and support them whenever they need it.

And with that, I am going to leave you with the most powerful portion of this blog post, which is my friend’s post from today.  May it move you to consider saving the life of another person.

“Tried making plans to distract myself today but Cohen of course has a fever so we are home alone and I'm left with my thoughts instead of avoidance. Today would've marked 15 years since mom received her heart. 15 years ago parents stood by their daughter Shelly, who was 15 at the time, and probably held her hand and told her good bye. Much like we did with mom. They heard that her life was over while they looked at her heartbeat on a machine still going and they were told her life, that beating heart, could save someone else. So, in the midst of what is likely the hardest day they've ever faced, they decided to selflessly give us almost 15 more years. The day mom was in ICU and unresponsive I couldn't help but watch her heart beat on the monitor and cry for Shelly and Shelly's parents. I could finally completely understand their heart ache and their choice. I asked the nurses, knowing the answer was likely no, if mom was a candidate for being a donor. Unfortunately they said no. At 2, when the nurses came to turn off Mom's vent, I watched her heartbeat slowly decline. That gift kept giving beyond the time her own body was able to sustain her. I'm forever grateful for them and what they gave not only my family but so many others through my mom. If you're not already an organ donor, please in my moms honor change your decision. Get started here.”

I’m sorry you are hurting, Rachel.  I love you.  I miss you.  And your mom.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Holiday: Easter Basket

There is always an excuse to have sugar and candy in the house.  It starts with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, school birthdays, parties, etc.  My kids will get sugar from their grandparents, from school, parties, etc.  Therefore, I really try to minimize sugar for them.  They do get one or two small treats in their baskets and stockings.  Here are some ideas to avoid sugar during the holidays.

Overall, I do lots of crafts with them.  It is a great time to discuss the event (even if it is something as simple as leap year), the meanings, history, etc.  As well as gives them time to do creative projects.  And they can be great gifts for grandparents!

I also like to get them things I need to get them anyway.  Like clothes.  I know that's cheating a little bit, but they, the girls especially, love to get new clothes.  So I'm taking advantage of that!

Here is what I am putting in our baskets this year:
Spring pajamas


Spring outfits that I make (except for my teen son's, his is purchased!) - can be worn for Easter, Mother's Day, church, etc.

Normally, I would include flip flops too, but they just received new ones.  Maybe I will put some dress sandals if I find some before Easter.

They will each receive one or two pieces of candy as well.

Here are some other non-sugar ideas for Easter Baskets.  Of course, if you get all of them, then it can get expensive, so don't think I am suggesting that!  Our baskets will have 6-10 things in them, and half are clothing items, which they need anyway.  I spent less than $35 on the contents for each basket.

Stuffed Animal

Coloring Book



Finger Puppets
Rain Gear
Gardening Tools


Army Men
Hot Wheels


Action Figures
Squirt Guns

Beach Towel

Hair Clip/Headband
Sandals/Flip Flops

I also love this idea, and here are a few more suggestions (here and here).  I hope this helps you come up with some great items to fill those baskets!

What do you put in your Easter Baskets?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Spread: Essential Kitchen Tools

My life is extremely rooted in routine.  This is mainly because I'm lazy to make my already crazy life less crazy.  You have read about my meal prepping.  Here are some basic tools that make my life easier in the kitchen.  I use all of these items every single week.

Bowls.  I use bowls for everything.  To hold fruits and veggies on the counter.  To hold fruits and veggies in the fridge.  For cereal, reheating leftovers, crack eggs, mixing, etc.  Bowls are versatile and help organize a multitude of items!  I am partial to bowls with pour spouts built in.  They must also be microwave and dishwasher safe.

Rubber Spatulas.  These are great for getting every last drop from your bowl or pan.  I like them much better than wooden spoons.  Make sure they are heat resistant, so they don't melt.

Baking Sheets.  Are your baking sheets old and gross?  Treat yourselves to new ones!  They are so shiny, and inexpensive.  I use mine to cook spaghetti squash every week (for this recipe), and to make cloud bread (so, so good - low carb and gluten free!).

Paring Knife.  I use this knife the most often.  Avocados, mangos, bananas, zucchini, carrots, celery, etc. Peeling, slicing, scoring, oh my!

Pink Himalayan Salt Grinder.  I only use this salt in my kitchen.

Rubber Jar Opener.  My mom always had one of these, so I assumed everyone did.  I was speechless the first time I was at someone's house and they didn't have one.  How do you ever open a jar without one?!?  This is definitely one of those #itsthelittlethings that makes a huge difference.

Spiralizer.  Zucchini Alfredo is a staple in my diet (I make it at least three times per week!), and I use this amazing tool to turn my zucchini into noodles.

Food Containers.  I have been starting to use these in my meal prep instead of plastic bags.  Better for the environment, and less than a Starbucks coffee!

Coffee Grinder.  I would die without coffee, and this little gadget makes me look forward (sort of) to being up early on the weekends!  Also, pick up one of these next time you are at IKEA.  Best three bucks ever spent.

Toast Tongs.  You may laugh, but I'm serious!  I hate burning my fingers on toast, and I do not want my littles sticking their fingers into the toaster.  This is a must have.

Mixer.  Okay, listen up you guys.  This is hands down THE best investment you will make in your kitchen.  My KitchenAid was a wedding gift (from my first marriage).  I received it in 1999.  Go ahead, get your calculator.  Yeah, it's old.  It still works just like it did the day I pulled it out of the box.  If you don't have one, get one.

There you have it!  These items keep my meal prep simple and organized.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Party Planning: 5 Year Old Minnie Birthday Party

Last year, we took a family trip to Disneyland (you can ready about the planning tips for that trip here, here, and here!).  Our daughter turned five just a few days after we returned, and I knew a Minnie Mouse party would be just perfect for her!

I made the invitations based on this invite.  I copied it exactly.

Decor was very simple.  I made a tassel banner from tissue paper, purchased black tablecloth, paper plates, utensils, and cups, and pink polka dot napkins.  I also brought out her newborn photo and the wooden first initial I have in her room.  Just like I did for this party!  The white bows are hair clips!

 I pulled out pink, white, and black jelly beans from a container we had taken to Disneyland, and placed them in this apothecary jar.

We only served cake at this party.  Sometimes I will do chips and dip or candy, but this time we kept it very simple.  Please note, if you only serve cake, you need to have your party at a time when food is not expected.  I would recommend 2pm-5pm.

Our cake lady made the cake and decorated it with the little candy balls.  I had a Minnie headband from a dress up costume that I just popped into the top of the cake!

I served Sprite in one container and pink lemonade in the other.

The children played pin the bow on Minnie.  I had foam board, made three black circles, and different colored bows.  As the children arrived, I had them decorate their bows. 

I love the way the goodie bags turned out!  I purchased black bags with handles, cut out pink rectangles, the bow, and white dots.  I glued everything onto the bags.

Inside the bags were Play Doh (you can read about why I give those out here), silly putty, a ring, a Minnie gummy, sticker sheet, blowie thing, and a Minnie ear headband that I made!

I purchased black headbands and pink polka dot ribbon.  I had black felt from a ghost costume I made for my daughter for Halloween.  I cut the felt into ear shapes, folded them over the headband, and hot glued them together.  Then I tied the ribbon in the center and hot glued it into place!

I hope you gained some ideas for your next Minnie Birthday Party!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Take Care Thursdays: How To Treat Yourself Without Spending A Dime

Taking care of ourselves is essential to our mental health.  However, sometimes we can't afford what we think it takes to care for ourselves.  Spa days, shopping, vacations, etc.  I do talk about basic self care here.  Here are some additional no cost (and no food) reward ideas for you:

1.  Paint your nails.  Of course it's nice to have a mani/pedi done by someone else, but painting your own nails can still be a treat.  Pull those winter toenails out of their boots, and paint a bright color on them.  It will make you smile!  You can also enlist one of your kids to rub your feet with some lotion.

2.  Take a day off.  I do this about once a month.  I take the day off and spend it sleeping in, watching DVR, taking a long, quiet bath, and taking a nap.  I usually do clean, but that is something I enjoy.  I am also doing it in peace!  I try to not run errands, but sometimes it's just practical.  As an introvert, this day off is essential to my mental health.

3.  Take a bath.  After the kids go to sleep, light some candles, grab a book and a glass of wine, make a natural face mask, shave, throw in some lavender essential oils, and soak until you are wrinkly.  Bonus points if you arrange to get into clean sheets that night!

4.  Take a walk/drive/bike ride without your phone.  Yeah, I know, you might miss a photo opp of a gorgeous sunset that none of your FB friends will see.  Put the phone down, and walk away.  Go outside and be alone with your thoughts and the fresh air.  Take some slow, deep breaths.  Even five minutes of this can be very uplifting.

5.  Make time to do your hair and make up.  Most mornings, I throw my wet hair into a ponytail.  And I don't wear make up.  Decide one morning to get up with enough time to blow out your hair, do all the make up you wish, and put together an intentional outfit.  I swear, you will feel like a million bucks.  See how much confidence you walk around with that day!

6.  Yoga/Meditation.  Yoga is one of my happy places.  It's free, and you can do it anywhere!  Spend 15 minutes doing some yoga poses (five of my favorite poses are here) and breathing intentionally.

I already feel better!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Musings: The Social Media Struggle Is Real

Do you ever envy your friends or family on social media?  Or even complete strangers?  It is so easy to see other people's highlight reel on social media, and believe they have it all together. So and so always go on nice vacations. That girl has such a great job.  This couple's marriage is so good.  She is so thin.  That family is always smiling in their photos.  People only post what they want you to see.

Have you seen this video?  Hilarious.  And true (on both sides) for some!

Social media is CONTROLLED CONTENT.  This means that people can control what you see.  Some people may post that their husband never helps around the house.  Some people may complain about their job.  However, this does not mean that A) social media is an appropriate platform to share this content, and that B) other people who don't share this don't have the same struggles.  They are just choosing not to share that information.  This could be because they don't feel social media is the proper place to share such things.  They may want to keep up a front so everyone believes their lives are perfect.  Who wouldn't rather showcase their biggest accomplishment over their biggest failure?  The truth is, we have no way of knowing what truly goes on behind closed doors.

Everyone has struggles. The vacation family may pay for vacations with credit cards and be buried in debt. The great job may not pay well.  The happy couple may be on the verge of divorce.  Of course, they may all be filthy rich AND happy AND love their job. We don't really know. The only person who knows the truth about the behind the scenes of their social media is themselves. And maybe one or two people who are very close to them.

I'm not suggesting that we should go on social media and blast our husbands, expose our kids' school troubles, or list our debt.  I don't think social media is the place for things like that.  What remains appropriate to share is usually the positive side of life.  Which is great!  We should be celebrating the good stuff that happens to us.  Just don't forget that everyone has that "other stuff" they don't share.

As I tell my curious (read: nosy) five year old: mind your own business!  I only want to be in competition with myself.  I want to improve myself so that I have great things to share with friends and family.  Seeing other people start their own business, get in shape, and take a vacation, should only be a source inspiration for me.  It should not be something that causes envy.  If I am feeling jealous, I need to figure out the reason I am jealous.  Is my marriage unhappy?  Do I wish I had job satisfaction?  Feeding feelings of jealousy will only result in toxicity of my emotional health.  Recognizing the root of my discontent and focusing on fixing that is the best course of action.

For the most part, I am Facebook friends with people I truly wish to see happy.  When they celebrate their successful business, I celebrate with them!  When they have babies, I congratulation them!  When they get a new car, I am excited for them!  If you don't feel this way about your Facebook friends, perhaps it is time to clean up your friend list.  Cultivate a list of friends who you can be happy for, and who will cheer you on in your success.

On Instagram, I follow a different group.  Yes, my friends, but also businesses and people who have similar interests (*ahem* planner addicts).  Since I do not personally know these people,  the connection with them is not the same.  When I see their planner collection, designer wardrobe, lavish vacations, even something as simple as date night, sometimes that green eyed monster makes an appearance.  Then I have to remember two things.  First, this is controlled content.  A professional business is never going to (or shouldn't!) talk about arguing with a spouse on Instagram!  They may share a child's tantrum here and there, because sometimes that can just be a comic relief, as well as provide a way to personally relate with their followers.  Overall, they are there for business, and personal issues are not really appropriate.  But there is a true reality (could be positive, negative, or most likely, a combination of both) behind the IG account that we are not privy to.  Second, these people have worked extremely hard for their businesses.  Don't they deserve all of the reward that comes along with that hard work?  I should view that as an inspiration for myself!  So I double tap my screen, smile, and make a note of which vacation location to add to my bucket list!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday Spread: Meal Prep

One way that I make my work week much easier, is to meal prep on the weekend.  This cuts down on morning stress, and eliminates eating out.  Except for In-N-Out, because she's my mistress.  Or I'm her bitch.  I'm not sure which.

I go to one grocery store once a week and get everything I need (you can read about that process here).  Of course, there are trips here and there if we run out of something.  And then there's Costco.  And Target.

Some people coupon and go to different stores.  If that works for you, that is wonderful!  Do that!

After the kids are in bed, I basically unload the groceries from the fridge and cabinets.  My counter looks like a bomb exploded.

I eat breakfast, lunch, and snacks at work.  Those are the meals I prep.  I divide the cottage cheese or greek yougurt into portion sized containers.  I place frozen fruit into snack bags.  I put all of my fresh fruits and veggies into snack sized bags.  Then I put them into organizational fridge containers.

Usually, when I'm making or cleaning up dinner, I grab one of everything (berries, cottage cheese, nuts, grapes, oranges, carrots, hummus, lettuce, cucumber, chicken), put it in my lunch bag, and I'm done!

Right now I am using plastic bags.  This is not ideal.  I do reuse when it is sanitary to do so.  I have some containers that I think will work, I just haven't gotten out of my routine to try it.

I set a water bottle, banana, and avocado on the corner of the counter, ready to be added to my lunch bag before I leave.  It's not complicated at all, and it really makes life so much easier!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Fashion Friday: Current Lust List

Do you follow Katie from Style On Target?  You should.  She has great style, she loves navy, and she shops at Target.  She's pretty awesome.  In a recent post, she wrote about about what she would buy if money was no object.  I was inspired to put together a list of my own.  I'm thinking about coming up with a "Save" option for each item as another post!

 I have the Pigalle Spikes Pumps in Nude, but they aren't really appropriate for my office.  I don't have many opportunities to wear them.  This simple neutral would be a great staple in my work wardrobe.

I love the coverage this suit provides, and the scallops and peek a boo are sweet touches.

  I have a gold watch, next on my list is silver.  Then rose gold, then tortoise, then white, then...

Wrap dresses are fantastic for most body types!  I have two and I wear them with heels in the summer and boots in the winter.  They are so versatile, and I always receive compliments when I wear them.

One of my goals is to have a blazer in every color of the rainbow.  This one would be a great addition to my blazer collection.  The warm brown can be dressed up for work, as well as worn with a great pair of jeans for running errands on the weekend.
A Chanel necklace is definitely on my bucket list.
I used to have a black trench and a hot pink trench.  I probably gave them away in one of my purging frenzies.  Once I get one back into my closet, I will never get rid of it!

Do you think it comes with that stomach?!

 I have to find this from a reputable source because LV no longer sells it.
I have this dress in two other colors.  They fit like a GLOVE.

I would love to see your wish list!  Maybe I can add to mine.  ;)