Friday, December 11, 2015

Party Planning: 2 Year Old Kitty Birthday Party

I absolutely love party planning.  I want to share some of my party planning themes with you.  I always use my Ultimate Party Planner to plan out my party.  You can check it out here.

When my youngest daughter turned two, she really wanted a kitty.  She was obsessed with cats.  We decided it was the right time for our family to get a cat, and a friend's cat was having kittens, so it was meant to be!

I toyed with the color purple as the theme color, but I wasn't loving it, and then I came across this kitty dress and tshirt.  So coral and lavender became the colors!


I designed the invitations.  I printed them two sided and then cut the cardstock in half.  I folded them and sealed them with coordinating colored washi tape.

Next was the cake.  I love ombre.  #ombreallthethings  I chose a simple round cake with ombre airspray, and then I made these tiny balls of yarn and attached them to some paper straws in coordinating colors.

 I found these great plates, napkins, and cups in similar colors.  I also purchased a lavender tablecloth and orange table runner.  I found wooden utensils and paper straws with coordinating color stripes on them.


For the decor, I opted for kitty litter and cat food. Everyone got a kick out of this!

I also found these tiny kitty figures.  I spelled out "CAT" with blocks, and placed some Swedish Fish in an apothecary container.   I also made more yarn balls.

I read "If You Give a Cat a Cupcake" during the party.

The time of this party allowed for light refreshments, just punch and cake.  I served a coral drink (peach mint tea), and a lavender drink (blueberry spritzer).  Garnished with fresh mint and blueberries.

I also served strawberry, chocolate, and regular milk in these milk bottles, tied with yarn.

Each child adopted a kitty.  They named their new friend and received an adoption certificate.  They were sent home with their new kitty, a feeding dish, kitty stickers, Swedish Fish, a KitKAT, and goldfish crackers, all in a cute little basket.



This was one of my favorite parties to plan!  It was unique and fun!

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