Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Little Word 2016: Planning

Have you heard of the One Little Word concept?  If not, you can read about my discovery of it here.  Then come back and find out the next step to help you nurture your word.
If you don't plan your actions, then you usually end up not achieving your goals, and living emotionally instead of intentionally. For example, if I don't plan what I am going to do in the evening, I get home, eat dinner, and start to feel tired. I sit on the couch and stare at my phone, or watch DVR. If I plan my evening, I have written goals, and I am more motivated to do them because I have purpose. And I want to check off the things on my list. So even though I know the laundry needs to be folded and put away, and technically, I don't need to "plan" for that in my planner, if I don't write it down, then it doesn't happen!
The same thing goes for your One Little Word. In order to have continued focus on your word, grab a sheet of paper, a notebook, diary, etc., and start thinking about the following. Write it down, keep it with you, add to it, refer to it. It will help you be successful in making this word count in 2016.

Your Word

Why is your OLW important to you? Why does this matter? Write it down so you don’t forget.

 How will your OLW affect you and others?

Four mini goals: Break down your OLW into steps. How will you accomplish this? What are the pieces you need to include? This takes your overall word into small, manageable parts.
Here is mine:

Why is your OLW important to you? Being calm is important because I waste so much of my life worrying, and being anxious about things I cannot even control. When I am not calm, I am not the best wife, mother, or friend.

Why does this matter? This matters to me because I see my son being anxious. I realize that this is partially due to genetics for both of us, so it may never completely go away. At least, not without a LOT of daily intentional behavior modification. However, it can be minimized. I want to be a good example to him. I hope that he will mimic the behaviors he sees in me. I am also doing this to become a better version of myself.

How will your OLW affect you and others? Our household will have less tears, less anger, less regret. My relationship with my husband and my children will improve. I will feel less anxiety.

Four mini goals:

Mini Goal #1: Be present. By living in the now, I cannot focus on the past or the future. Intentionally take each moment as it comes. When worry or other negative thoughts creep in, let them go. If something is important enough that it will matter one year from now, address it with thoughtfulness in order to come to a resolution.

Mini Goal #2: Lower the bar. Practice, not perfection. Promising to wake up early each day, or end each day with yoga is ideal, but not realistic. My goal is to do yoga three times per week. Yoga brings meditation and peace. Another goal is to draw once a week. Drawing will provide a visual reminder of my OLW.

Mini Goal #3: Remove anxiety triggers from my lifestyle. When I consume sugar and caffeine, I find myself becoming more anxious. Going to bed on time, even when my husband is not home, is important. Getting rid of clutter will allow me to feel calm.

Mini Goal #4: Unplug. Being away from social media will allow me to accomplish the first three goals. If my face is not in my phone, I will have time to express gratitude, perform self care, enjoy my family, etc. The time between work and bed time will be spent away from electronics.
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