Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Birdhouse: Silhouette Bathroom Art

We live on a street named after a bird, so I started referring to our home as The Birdhouse.  We purchased our home in January 2013, and have been working on home improvements ever since.  I cannot wait to share our kitchen and the master closet with you, but today I am sharing an art piece I made for the kids' bathroom.

The first thing I did was take this frame with three spaces already cut out.  You could look at a thrift shop or garage sale for something like this.  My husband already had this when we met, so it was free for us!

Next, I removed the paper backing.  It was fastened with staples, which I removed with needle nose pliers.  I left the cardboard that was holding in the photo and matte.

Next, I printed profile photos of the kids and cut them out.  I traced them onto cardstock and cut them out as well.

I had the kids paint another piece of cardstock, then I painted the silhouettes.  I modge podged the silhouettes onto the cardstock.

I wrote their names beneath their images, placed them in the frame, and hung it over their towel rack!

It brings great color and a personal touch into the bathroom.  If you wanted to, you could also sand and paint the frame.

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