Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Whip Into Shape Wednesdays: Top Picks For Workout Gear

I have been eating much better this week.  And, guess what?  I FEEL better.  Hooray!  I am even going to do some yoga tonight.

Before I had children, I used to be such a morning person.  I was the girl who popped out of bed at 4 a.m., drove to the gym, bee-bopped my way through my workout, got ready for work, and arrived at work by 7 a.m. (when I didn't have to be there until 8).  Today, I want to bee-bop that girl in the face and tell her to stay in bed, because she needs to bank as much sleep as possible because her children are never, EVER going to sleep.

Now, even after sleeping for 8 hours at night, I wait until the last possible moment to get out of bed and start getting ready.  I am not what one would call a morning person.  I need my coffee in order to not be a bitch grouchy.

Everything I read says that getting up earlier is the best way to have a more successful day, and to incorporate exercise into your day.  It just so happens that Mr. Perfect's work shift is changing so that he will be waking up at 4:45 a.m.  My plan is to get up with him and do my workout.  Bonus:  I will be tired at 9 p.m. when he is ready for bed.

Since having children, I have not made time to go to the gym.  One of my favorite discoveries after having children was that I didn't need a gym, or any fancy equipment in order to do my workout.  Body weight workouts are super effective, and can be done right in the living room.  My kids even do it with me, which is adorable, and keeps them occupied.  If they do have a need, I can easily stop and address them, then go right back into my routine.  Next week I will go into how I organize my routine.

I wanted to share with you today my favorite basics I have for working out.

Yoga Mat.  Obviously I use this for yoga, but I also use it for my other workouts.  I purchased two.  One for me, and one for my younger two children.  I cut theirs in half and they each get their own.  They love to be just like Mommy.

I workout barefoot, so shoes aren't even needed.  That's a huge savings!

Leggings.  Go buy these leggings RIGHT. NOW.  These are the best leggings EVER.  They are really soft, have great stretch, a high waist (read:  no muffin top), and the pattern doesn't stretch crazy across your, ahem, wide parts.  You know those leggings.  The ones that say, "Hi, I have thunder thighs." These are not like that.  They are truly one size fits all, super comfortable, and an excellent price point.

Tee or Tank.  I am a sucker for a hilarious graphic tee.  And it's not always appropriate for me to wear them outside of the house if I don't want to embarrass my 12 year old son.  So I wear them when I exercise.

A good sports bra is important.  I haven't found one I'm in love with.  Do you have one that you rave about to all of your friends?  Share, please!

Pinterest.  This is where I get most of my yoga flows and workout ideas.  You can check out the stuff I have on my Fitness Board, or do a Pinterest (or Google) search for "body weight workout".

Exercise DVD.  I personally love Jillian Michaels' DVDs.  She kicks my ass!  I find her voice to be a little annoying, so I put my earplugs in and listen to high energy music.  For $7, this is an inexpensive way to invest in yourself.

Support Group.  Whether it's a local workout group, a Facebook group, or just one friend who jogs with you, having someone to hold you accountable is what will make your exercise not only a success, but enjoyable.

That's it! With these few things, you can use your weight to increase your own muscle power.  That is pretty incredible.  And no need to feel guilty for spending money on a gym membership you don't use!

I will update you next week on how my mornings are going.  When do you make time to workout?  What is your workout routine?  I'd love to hear from you!

I'm going to leave you with my recent Google searches.  Have a fabulous Wednesday, Goddesses!

"gluten free pumpkin banana bread" - I cannot wait to make this!

"social media rules for tweens" - I have a 12 year old boy.  Send help.

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