Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Whip Into Shape Wednesday: Link Love

If I'm being completely honest with you, I haven't been feeding my body great fuel lately.  I quit sugar for awhile, but I fell of that wagon.  I'm back on now, but just started.  I haven't been working out, or even doing yoga.  As I type this, my shoulders are hunched and I feel anxious.  I know my eating habits and exercise routine are to blame.

Because of that, I don't feel like I can share any "Whip Into Shape" tips right now without feeling like a hypocrite.  My goal for the next week is to get back to my plan of eating well and being more active, so that next week I can share what I do with you.

For now, I am going to share a few sources of inspiration for me.  But first, let me share some recent Google searches:

"cowboys star" - football season is here!  I changed my Facebook profile pic and cover page with the results of this search.

"how to address a board of directors" - back in the day, I would have said "Dear Sirs".  This is no longer acceptable, since women can surely sit on a Board.  The correct answer was, "Dear Board of Directors".  Simple!

"usb fob" - one of my son's teachers mentioned he had asked the school district for these for all of his classes.  They aren't very expensive, so we purchased them and donated them to him.

"loft lace hem cardigan" - all sold out, but it's beautiful.  I'm going to be looking for it on eBay.

What did you research today?

I follow all of the following blogs through Bloglovin, my favorite way to follow my blogs.

Pumps and Iron.  I love Nicole because she is SO real.  And funny.  She includes food posts in addition to her workouts.  I don't think you can do one without the other.  She also includes a few fashion posts!  Her workout posts really motivate me, and they are usually new things I have not tried yet, which keeps the workout interesting.

PaleOMG.  This blog is reversed from Pumps and Iron in that it discusses food first and then touches on some workouts.  And also fashion.  The recipes on this site are AH-mazing.  I want to eat this chicken salad through my computer monitor!  Not all of them are healthy, so you have to pick and choose.

I Quit Sugar. This blog is a good resource for info on sugar and recipes without sugar.  I will be spending a lot of time here while I get back to my no sugar lifestyle.  I will start with this article about sugar withdrawals.  Please remind me to not go back to sugar!  They also discuss how gluten free doesn't necessarily mean healthy.  Choose wisely!

Finally, My Yoga Blog.  Yoga is my go to activity for relaxation and anxiety relief.  This blog is full of great poses that don't intimidate me (a beginner).  But it also presents poses that challenge me.  It is important to challenge your body in yoga.

I hope you find something you like from this selection.  What have you been struggling with in your workouts and nutrition?  Let's get back to health together!

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