Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tidy Tuesday: Home Routine App

Yesterday, I mentioned a few of my favorite apps.  Today, I am going to tell you about an app that helps me keep my house tidy each day!  It is not free *sadface*, but worth the investment.  I want to be clear that this app is not sponsoring this post.  I paid for the app years ago, love it, and use it daily.

The app is called HomeRoutines. I don't even know where to start about why I love this so much.

First, you can login on your phone or on your computer.  I love this because I am much faster on the computer, so setting up my schedule was much easier to do on the computer than on my phone.

Second, this app is completely customized by you!  You can add and remove pre-existing tasks, as well as create your own.

Third, at the end of the day, you can look at a summary of everything you accomplished.  It feels so good at the end of a long day to acknowledge your own hard work!

Every morning at 7 a.m. I receive a notification for my Morning Routine.  I get one at night, too.  You can tell the app what time you want to receive your notifications, or turn them off.

When I open the app, I can see morning, evening, weekly, to dos, accomplishments, and today's focus.  I will start with Morning.

I press on the star to mark the item as completed.

Evening.  I have "Check Calendar" everywhere, because I do not want to miss a meeting or doctor's appointment.  Hobby could be my choice of another list of things I enjoy doing.  Make a separate list of your hobbies.  If you just see "hobbies", but don't really identify what those things are, then you will be more likely to skip that item.

Weekly (Towels are normally done later in the week, but we had a toilet overflow, so we did all of the towels right away.  Ew.)

Morning/Evening/Weekly Tasks remain the same, and the stars start over each day (or week).  I set these up and don't change them.

To Do.  I modify this once a month based on my Master Calendar.  I am updating the Master Calendar for 2016, and will definitely do a free printable giveaway later this year!

Today's Focus.  I use my Master Calendar to set up my Daily Zones.  Once these are in, they also remain fixed, unless there is a change in my schedule and I need to adjust it.

Finally, here are the Zones.  The best part about this is that you get to customize this for what works for you and your schedule!  Your Zones don't have to include the same tasks as mine.  You can make up your own cleaning schedule!

There is also a great timer feature.  I am a big fan of focusing on picking up for 15 minutes.  It is amazing what you can get done in that amount of time.

I would love to hear from you if you use this app.  How do you use it that is different from how I use it?  Or let me know if you use another app that is similar!

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