Thursday, August 13, 2015

Take Care Thursdays: Hobbies

I think the hardest part about being a mom is that many of us really invest our entire selves into our children's lives.  When they are babies, they require so much attention and help just to survive.  Even though my 12 year old makes his own lunch and does his own laundry, there is still so much I do for him.  We cook, we clean, we do laundry, we buy groceries, we take them to activities, we worry.  It's exhausting!  Our lives seem to revolve completely around making sure we are raising well rounded little humans.  In the process, it can be easy to forget about ourselves and our needs.

When I finally realized that I needed to implement some basic self care, specifically a hobby, I didn't really know what I enjoyed doing anymore.  Before having kids, I used to read all the time.  I went to the gym.  Were those things still interesting to me?  What were other options?  I knew that I needed to make a list of options so that when I did have time to myself, I didn't just plop down in front of the TV and mindlessly watch garbage BRAVO for hours.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, and, trust me, I definitely do that sometimes.  Sometimes, we need to veg out.  But I also refer to my hobbies list so that my thirst for creativity is quenched.

A few of my favorite hobbies include:  photography, writing, reading, drawing, sewing, home improvements, yoga, baking, listening to music, swimming, gardening, planning (seriously), and watching football.

Some of these were natural interests of mine.  I have watched football my entire life.  Some of these things you might not think of as a hobby, like listening to music.  Hobbies don't have to be something that requires you to leave the house or have extensive training or expensive equipment.  Sure, sky diving is a hobby, but not really practical for a lot of people.

Let's head to Google for options.  "list of hobbies" is what I searched.  Here is what came up:

Discover a Hobby
Not So Boring Life
Massive List of Hobbies
50 Low Cost Hobbies
Wikipedia List of Hobbies

Interesting ones I noted:

Candle Making
Amateur Radio
Flower Arranging
Wine Tasting
Kite Flying
Video Gaming
Coin Collecting
Pigeon Racing (this sounds hilarious)
Bird watching

Do any of these sound appealing to you?  What hobbies do you have?  How often do you do them?

You might decide to try something new and then decide you don't like it.  That's okay!  It just means that there is something else out there for you.  My favorite thing about hobbies is that I am always learning something new.  Hobbies are a good way to continue education and personal growth, and to keep our brains sharp.

Try to take time for one hobby this week.  Just one day, one hour.  Turn off all screens for one hour, and focus on yourself.

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