Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sharing The Goddess Lifestyle

I am going to try something new.  I am really excited about the new things this platform will allow me to share with you.  You can look forward to seeing me on Periscope, and maybe even YouTube (yikes!).  I am also going to be updating my Instagram more often.  In addition to my (recently not so regular) regular blog posts, I am going to be adding the following:

Sunday Spread.  This will highlight the weekly menu planning I do, as well as recipes I try.  We are a gluten free family, so you will learn how I convert and adjust "normal" recipes to gluten free (including treats!), and how we eat gluten free on a regular basis.

Monday Musings.  This is going to be my thoughts about any random topic, links to my favorite blogs, etc.  Since I'm hilarious, I'm sure this one will be a huge hit.

Tidy Tuesdays.  It is ridiculous how excited I get about cleaning up and organizing.  This is the good stuff!  Tuesdays will be focusing on a certain task or area of the home - dusting, decluttering, kitchen organization, etc.

Whip Into Shape Wednesdays.  Overall health is important to me.  Specifically, eating (mostly) clean, yoga, and fitness.  I will provide healthy recipes, suggest how to make substitutions, share yoga poses, and work out routines.

Take Care Thursdays.  Part of overall health is mental health as well.  I work full time, have three kids, and a husband who works odd hours.  It is a lot.  In order to remain sane, I have to make time for myself.  This will provide you with ideas to help you unwind and relax.

Fashion Fridays.  Some of my favorite blogs to read are fashion blogs.  You will see my work outfits, workOUT outfits, weekend wear, and a few special occasion pieces.  I try to mix it up with accessories, and I am always on the lookout for sales at my favorite shops.

Straighten Out Saturdays.  Saturday provides the largest chunk of time for me to focus on larger projects.  This is also a good day to start thinking about the week ahead, and what needs to happen to have a successful week.

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