Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Musings: My Favorite Apps

I love technology.  I love it so much that I have to train and retrain myself to put my phone away so that I can enjoy my family.  Eye contact and such.  We can talk about family time next week.  This week, I want to talk about apps!

I have an iPhone.  I'm an Apple fanatic.  Like, waiting in line for 8+ hours for an iPhone fanatic.  Following are my favorite apps (besides Facebook).  The best part is that they are all FREE!

Squareready.  Do you ever take an amazing photo on your phone, go to post it on Instagram, and realize you weren't in the "Square" frame on your phone?!?  #firstworldproblems  Fix it with Squareready.  This app will turn any size photo into a square.  It will have a white margin on the top/bottom or sides.  No more #instacrop .

Rain, Rain.  I need white noise when I sleep.  This app provides the sounds of different types of rain, nature, appliances, etc.  The one I use is called Summer Rain.

FMC.  This app helps you track your cycle.  This is fabulous, because I can warn my husband.  "Honey, I'm going to be cranky next week."  Haha!  No, seriously.

Pacifica.  Each day, I log my mood on Pacifica.  I also enter the activities for the day (sleep, eating, water, hobbies, etc.).  It is easy to see a pattern between not taking care of myself and my mood.  It also has a section for meditation, and a place to challenge yourself.  Example challenge for myself:  "Drive a different way home".  If you suffer from anxiety, you know that this simple task is definitely a challenge!  There is also a graph that tracks your days, so you can see a pattern of highs and lows.

Walmart.  If you don't know about their Savings Catcher, then you're missing out!  Read about it here, and start scanning your receipts!

Songza.  Whatever activity you are doing, Songza has the right music ready!  You can "favorite" the playlist titles you like.  You can give "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to each song.  There are no ads interrupting your music flow, however, there are visual ads in the app.  They don't bother me.

I have one more favorite app.  Tune in tomorrow to find out which one it is!  Hint:  it helps me keep things "tidy"!!!

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