Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday Musings: Art

As you read, part of my self care is art.  I don't just color, I also draw and work on my script.  Today I am sharing some of my recent artwork.  I need to specify that I do use other people's artwork to inspire my own.  I have not gotten to a point where I am creative enough to design my own script.  One day!

I love the colors in this one, and that I was able to do the ampersand. They're difficult!

This one is magical.  I would like to try it again when I have more practice under my belt.

I did NOT like the way this one turned out, but oh well.  Progress, not perfection.

I am using this one as my new cover photo on my FB page.  Feel free to use it as well!

This is a great saying, but I might try it in color next time.

Love this little guy.


And OH MY GOSH, this one is my absolute favorite.  I had no idea it would come out so well!

That is it for me today.  Short and sweet, I have been jam packed busy at my day job.

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