Friday, August 21, 2015

Fashion Fridays: Outfit Tracking

Remember in high school, when you shopped in your friends' closets?  My girlfriends and I always borrowed each others stuff.  Some of my favorite memories involved laying on my bed, chewing gum, flipping through a magazine, gossiping away, and having my girlfriend try on tops, skirts, belts, hats from my closet.

As an adult, I don't have that.  It makes me sad.  I tried to put together a wardrobe swap with some girlfriends last year, but nobody was interested.  I may try again this year.  I was really discouraged by the lack of response.  Free clothes, wine, and snacks!  Who says no to that?  I did end up doing a one on one swap with one girlfriend.  But it was more like, grab her stack from the trunk of her car and drop my stack in.

Unfortunately, my best girlfriends do not live near me.  They are scattered across the world.  No exaggeration.  Two of my girlfriends did come stay with me last year.  I pulled out some clothes I hadn't worn in a long time and one of my girlfriends did take a nice stack home with her.

This same friend also introduced me to a genius idea of how she keeps track of outfit ideas.  She snaps selfie pics and saves them to a separate album.


Isn't this a smart way to easily track your wardrobe?  This clothing library can help you spot items that work really well for your body (a-line skirts, sheath dresses), and see color patterns.  If you see you have quite a few pink tops, you can make an effort to purchase another color next time you go shopping.  You could also create a list of wardrobe basics that you have and build on that with handbags and accessories.

This is a free and easy way to keep track of what you have in your closet and carry it with you everywhere you go!  Thanks for the great idea, Mal.  You're the coolest.

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