Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Dooce and Chuck

I am stepping away from organization today to talk about something very close to my heart.  About twelve years ago, I was a stay at home mom, with undiagnosed postpartum depression.  During my son's nap one day, I was online (a new concept way back then), searching who knows what, when I came across a "blog".  Blogging was a relatively new concept.  This particular blog that I discovered was a mommy blog.  A mom who suffered from depression (another new term for me).  A mom with biting sarcastic humor.  I was sold.  I felt understood.  By a complete stranger, who didn't even know I existed.

I followed her, and a few others, while I was a stay at home mom.  I also started my first blog.  Eventually, I went back to working outside of the home.  I didn't make time for blog reading or writing, and eventually forgot about her blog and my blog.  Five years later, I was on bed rest for five months with my second child, and I remembered her blog.  There she was, waiting for me to come back to her.  I have continued to follow her.  I wasn't going to give her up again.

This woman shares everything about her life.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is what makes her so great.  She is honest.  She makes mistakes, and she apologizes.  People tell her she makes mistakes, and she defends her beliefs.  She is real.  People connect with real.

This is one of my all time favorite posts of hers.  It makes me laugh so hard I cry.  If I need a really good laugh, I go directly to this post and reread it.  It never gets old.

She shares her beautiful life with us through words and photos.  Her home, her children, and her dogs.  Her dogs are very special.  In particular, Chuck is very special.  His eyes will pierce your soul, even through the internet.  Chuck is loyal, and so very serious about his loyalty.  He is like no other dog I have had the pleasure of meeting via internet.  Chuck is just as much part of her blog as she is.

Chuck is gone.  We knew it was coming.  Chuck was very old.  His health was deteriorating.  Those facts don't make this any easier.  My heart aches for this woman and her children, who have lost a part of their family.

Dooce and Chuck have touched my life deeply.  I am so terribly sorry for Heather's loss.  I am also so thankful to have had the opportunity to know Chuck, and I thank her for sharing his life with the world.  None of us will be the same without him.  Rest in peace, Chuck.

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