Monday, June 29, 2015

When Google Fails You

I know, this goes against the entire premise of my blog title!  But the truth is, Google cannot always provide the answers we need.  Continue reading on what to do when this happens.

1.  Medicine.  This is probably the number one thing that Google fails at.  Because it should.  How many times have we looked up some random symptom (i.e., headache), only to go down a road where we convince ourselves we are surely dying?  Too many.  Yes, we can occasionally narrow down our ailment with a visit to Dr. Google, but please do not rely on these searches for concrete medical advice.  Get a (real) doctor's opinion.

2.  The meaning of life.  Google can recommend career options, retirement plans, books on how to be your own boss.  Ultimately, you will have to be the decision maker here.  Nobody can decide what you what are going to do with your life but your own self.  That power can feel like a huge weight for some.  Google may have some excellent suggestions.  You will have to choose in the end.

3.  Organization.  One of my favorite topics.  But just like I can make suggestions of how to meal plan, organize your space and time, it won't just magically happen by reading this blog, or by Googling tips for organizing.  You will have to find a method that works, or tweak a method you like, and you will have to implement those steps yourself.  As much as I enjoy organizing, decorating, planning, etc., you wouldn't believe the number of times I wished I could just Google it all into place.

4.  Common sense.  If you aren't aware that you should look both ways before crossing the street, then you might not know to Google such a thing.  Google can only help you as far as your intelligence takes you.  Lack of common sense can occur when you believe everything you read online.  Use your best judgement.  Read multiple articles on both sides.  Allow yourself to retract your internet research based on real life outcomes.  An example of this is that I wanted to make my own laundry detergent.  Google it up, make my recipe, start washing, and I was all set!  However, within the last year, my eczema has returned, and our clothes don't smell as fresh.  Back to Google for research and find that, yeah...these ingredients can really bother my skin!  So I had to reevaluate, and decided to go back and use Google to find a gentle, organic laundry detergent.  It's on the way to my house right now!  However, this is also why I absolutely love Google.  I love learning, and the world is in my computer/phone.  I can enter any topic and have an endless possibilities shown to me in less than one second.  We just have to use our common sense if something seems off.

These four items are enough for me.  Someone else went to the trouble of putting together a list of 365 Questions Google Can't Answer.  I refuse to read it.  There cannot be that many things my favorite search engine won't be able to help me with!  I am going to continue my love affair with Google.

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