Monday, June 29, 2015

Google Tips

My top tips for google searches are:

1.  Keep it simple.  Don't use "How do I sew a toddler skirt" or "What day is 4th of July this year".  Just enter your basic words.  "Toddler skirt tutorial", "July 4, 2015".  You can always add more words to your search later if you need to refine it.

2.  Don't "talk" to Google conversationally.  "I want to sew a skirt" is not going to help.  "diy skirt" will produce more accurate results.

3.  Once your Google search is performed, you can switch to "images", "videos", "maps", etc., for the appropriate things for which you are searching.

4.  Spelling and grammar, while very important, are not imperative for Google searches.  Often, I will hit the wrong letter on my phone keyboard, and Google will provide the option to search for the correctly spelled word instead.

5.  On your computer (not available on mobile devices that I am aware), you can enter an image for Google to image search.  I actually did not know this one until recently, shout out to my girl Rachel for that helpful tidbit!

There are many more ways to search (using asterisks, quotation marks, subtraction symbol, etc.), but I do not use them.  These five tips are all that I need to get the answers I want from my favorite search engine.  If you have a tip, I would love to hear it!

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