Friday, March 28, 2014

Weekly Agenda Planning

Typically, I plan the following week in my planner on the previous Friday.  On Saturday morning, I will finish planning by menu planning with Mr. Perfect.  This is my process for planning:

Step 1.  Pull the week out of my planner and lie on a flat surface.

Step 2.  Choose color coordinating stickers/washi/post its based on my own ideas, or inspiration I find online (Instagram or Facebook planner groups).

Step 3.  I make notes ahead of schedule in pencil.  I do this because things can, and often do, change.  During this step, I erase the pencil markings and note my permanent items with color coordinated pen.  This is the color coordination I use:

Blue - son
Peach - daughter
Mint - Mr. Perfect
Orange - menu plan
Pink - me (work/personal appts)
Aqua - photography

Step 4.  Decorate.
Step 5.  Add sticky notes with grocery list/to do list.

Step 6.  Return pages to planner.
Step 7.  Take pictures and post!

I do this every single week.  It helps me to get prepared for the following week.  I can see what is coming, and what I might need to put on my To Do list, or get at the grocery store.  It also lets me know if I need to communicate anything with my husband or kids about the week ahead.

As a reminder, I do have another system that I use for recurring household tasks (i.e., clean HVAC filter, daily zone cleaning, seasonal items, etc.), that are not part of this planning system.  I keep that calendar in my household planner, and reference it daily!

How do you plan your week?

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