Monday, March 31, 2014

March Master Calendar

I have to apologize for not going over ANYTHING on the Master Calendar for the month of March.  It is my goal to go over more in April.

However, I did check off nearly everything on my calendar, and I hope you did, too!  Here is a summary of what I did this month:

Well, for starters, I am going to mention what I did NOT do, which was add to the garden the things that are in season to plant.  For two reasons: 1) we did not increase our garden plot like we had initially planned, and 2) we got fruit flies in our existing garden that I have yet to exterminate completely!  I tried spraying them with vinegar.  I need to Google more options.

I DID purchase artichokes and mushrooms, since they are in season here.

Recycled bottles and cans ($15!), cleaned the HVAC filter, took a country drive (free date night activity with Mr. Perfect), watch the moon (free date night activity with my son - check out the app, SkyView Free to  see the constellations!), file taxes, and shred old documents.

We still need to check tire pressure, and clean the garbage disposal, which I happen to know will be completed today!

I had on the list to schedule an HVAC inspection, but we are working on updating a bunch of energy-suckers in our house, and the HVAC inspection is included in that.

I don't have very many Easter or Spring decor items, one basket for each of the kids that I reuse each year, and a bag of plastic eggs that we use for egg hunts and other Easter games.  I have a shopping list for basket stuffers.  I found this great list of non-candy basket items, and this great list of Easter crafts for toddlers.

We couldn't afford to replace our two broken sliding screen doors at this time, so that's going on an on-going list of things to do once we have two incomes again.

I finalized my tax prep (see the How To with a free printable here).

I decluttered my e-mails.  I use the Bloglovin' app in order to keep all of my blogs in one place.  Then my e-mail isn't cluttered with tons of separate e-mails from blog posts.  If I want to remember a store, but don't necessarily want to continue receiving advertising e-mails from them, I unsubscribe, but write the store name and type on my Brain Dump List.

We recently had a home inspection completed (for an energy saving assessment), so I knew the gutters were clean and there has been no damage to the roof or attic.  We also inspected the exterior of the house for siding repairs and paint touch up.

Whew!  All of this along with my Daily Zone clean up, seems like a lot, but over the course of the month, doing just a little bit each day, you can really get a lot done!

I hope you will check in during the month of April for more tips, ideas, and Google searches!

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