Monday, February 10, 2014

Master Bath DIY Reno and Storage/Organization Tips: Part One

Happy Monday, blog world! How was your weekend? Here in California, we were having unseasonably sunshiny, and warm weather. The rain finally came at the end of last week. I absolutely love the rain, so I enjoyed my rainy weekend.

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Recent Google searches...

"tea party activities" (my girlfriend is throwing an ADORABLE tea party for her daughter's birthday)
"The Container Store Orla Kiely" (OH. EM. GEE. You must check this out right now!)
"Jonathon Adler Decorative Tape" (<--- and ^^^ are definitely going on my 30 Day Wait List)
"How to change my Windows 8 Lock Screen"
"famous photo Sophia Loren"
"how to remove soap build up from shower doors"

What have you been researching?

Let's jump right in. As I mentioned in my first ever blog post, we recently bought a house. It was actually one year on January 31st! We have been doing home improvements little by little. I am sharing with you today some of the work we did in our master bath. It is still a work in progress (hence, the "Part One" in the title), but it is almost complete, and I am confident that "Part Two" will be ready shortly.

Here is the "before" shot of the master bathroom:

The first thing we did was remove the carpet, and stain the concrete that was beneath the carpet. I outlined this treatment when we did the same thing to our laundry room. You can read about that here.

Next, we painted one wall red, and did a gel stain on the cabinets with a dark espresso color. We followed these instructions when we did our kitchen (we did the kitchen first, but that will be a future post). We followed those instructions to the letter for the kitchen. Here are the changes we made when we did the work for the master bath, the kid's bath, and the laundry room (as you can tell, we like this treatment):

The second time around, we didn't use the sanding block. We used something called a "deglosser". Ask about it at your local hardware store. You rub it on the wood with a cloth, and it is supposed to do the same job as sanding. It was much easier, in my opinion, than sanding everything. And it worked.

Gloves. LOTS AND LOTS of gloves.

Gel stain. You actually CAN substitute the gel stain mentioned in that blog. We used another brand, and our results came out great. The product referenced was pretty expensive since we could not purchase it locally. We did our kitchen cabinets, both bathroom cabinets, and laundry room cabinets with less than two gallons.

Use a power drill to remove the screws and hinges if possible. It just saves time, energy, and will help you avoid carpal tunnel.

We tried the sock and weren't impressed. We just used the foam brushes and regular paint brushes.

We did not use painters pyramids. We waited for the one side to dry and then flipped them over. It took a long time. I recommend painters pyramids.

Next, we removed the huge builder grade mirror. We followed this video, except we didn't remove the counter, nor did we have those suction cups. We wore gloves, and we were VERY CAREFUL. There was no damage to the walls behind the mirror, so we just painted it white to match the existing wall, and then hung two matching mirrors we found at Ross.

Then we spray painted everything! We like the oil rubbed bronze treatment, so we purchase oil rubbed bronze spray paint. We sprayed: light switch covers, outlet covers, light fixtures, doorknobs, a basket for storing our towel, and faucets.

Tip: In my experience, things that are "oil rubbed bronze" are more expensive than other finishes, such as "nickel". This WAS a nickel faucet that we purchased for $26. I love the handles. We spray painted it, and now it looks exactly like one I liked that was $88.

Tip: Store your towels near the shower for easy access. We have this small shelf, where this basket fit. We already had the basket, but it was silver, so we just sprayed it!

Tip: Use hooks to hang towels, both for easy access, and to help them dry thoroughly between uses. These are the "sticky" type hooks, and they even came in this oil rubbed bronze finish!

I found this great "thing" at Home Goods. I'm not sure what it was supposed to be, but I'm using it as shelving and a rack for a hand towel. The finish matched, I liked the geometric pattern, and it keeps my counters clear from clutter. Which makes them much easier to clean!

Our toilet is in a separate room connected to the bathroom (for extra privacy, yay!). I found a shelf with a matching finish to hold extra rolls of toilet paper, air freshener, and you could even store feminine products on here.

I also hung this sign over the toilet, which I think is HILARIOUS.  I found it at Hobby Lobby.

That's it for now! I will have more DIY examples, tips, AND the final "After" photo for you when the last of the projects are complete.

Happy DIY and Organizing!!!

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