Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Master Calendar Prep

Right off the bat, I'm sharing my recent Google searches:

"gluten is my bitch"
"gluten free detox" (My son had gluten on Sunday, and he's feeling it this week. I'm trying to find a detox for him - one that he finds acceptable to consume - to rid his system of this.)
"build with chrome" (from The Lego Movie!)
"up light or down light for the bathroom" (the answer was neither)
"berg cloud printer" (cutest printer EVER)

What did you research today?

In reviewing the Master Calendar for February, you should get started on collecting all of your recipes and cookbooks in one place. Print out all of those recipes you Pin or Bookmark on your computer. Just keep them in a pile for now.

You can get a separate binder for your recipes, or place them in the "Food" section of your Family Binder. Or, create a "Recipe" section in the Family Binder.

Also take this time to collect old coupons and menus. Sort and declutter. Throw away expired coupons. Put coupons that you will use and that are still good in your wallet or purse. Add the item to your next grocery list so you don't forget to use them. Menus should be kept in one place, perhaps in a pocket folder in the "Food" section of your Family Binder.

Next, set up dividers. You may want to categorize your recipes by ingredient (i.e., pork, poultry, pasta, etc.), or by food type (i.e., gluten free, dairy free, egg free, etc.), or by course (i.e., appetizers, salads, main, dessert, etc.). Whatever works best for you is how you should do it. Maybe you will try one way and decide you don't like it! You can always change your method! One thing I would suggest. Use this time to write your favorite meals/recipes (just the title) in one list. You can reference this during your weekly meal planning. You could also create a divider for the front of your binder called "Favorites", and keep all of your most used recipes right there for easy access!

Next, declutter your cookbooks. Did you receive a cookbook as a gift that you really don't use? Is there a cookbook that seems to have obscure ingredients, or is beyond your skill level? Maybe you want to keep it for the beautiful pictures. As a rule of thumb, if you haven't used the cookbook in the last year, get rid of it. Donate it. Gift it. Or, if you really want to keep it, put it in the back of your cookbook storage so that it is not taking up visual space. Put it in your family bookcase. Put it in a box in the attic.

Next, declutter your paper recipes. Printed, on cards, ripped from magazines, etc. If you haven't made the dish within the last year, toss it. OR, keep it out AND MAKE IT. If you like it, incorporate it in your binder. If not, throw it in the trash. You can put the printed recipes or magazine papers in plastic sleeves. If you want to keep the recipe cards, find a divided plastic sleeve to insert them into.

Finally, insert your dividers into the binder, sort your recipes, and insert them into the appropriate section. You're all done!

Later this week I will be outlining my checklist for taxes, and the filing procedure I use to keep my taxes organized.

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