Monday, January 13, 2014

I Love Ikea

Saying, "I love Ikea" is sort of like saying, "The sky is blue". But it's also like finding the love of your life. You just want to shout your love from the rooftops, even if everyone already knows. I will go into detail after...

Recent Google searches:

"dream interpretation"
"Blues Brothers" (costume ideas for my son's school play - we found some great items at Goodwill!)
"YouTube tie a necktie" (^related)
"NSync 90s outfits" (^^also related - you would think I would know that one since I was a HUGE NSync fan)
"Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast" (looking for rooms for the wedding in March!)
"Olympic Club" (^related)
"interesting facts about Jupiter" (my son got a hold of my phone)
"the real size of the sun" (^related!)

What have you researched recently? I love having a record of all of my Google searches. It creates a timeline of things that are happening in my life.

Back to the good stuff - Ikea. We took a trip to Ikea yesterday (something you would know if you followed me on Instagram, which I think you should). I am not sure there is anything in that store I don't like. We picked up a bin for our playroom to store toys, a few kitchen tools, a bedskirt, and a shower curtain.

Let's pretend the bedskirt isn't wrinkled. This is real life, people. 

Same with the shower curtain...Instagram needs to invent a no wrinkle filter!

Love the plastic bag storage under the sink!

Because I had been looking ahead in my 2014 Master Calendar (available in my Etsy shop by itself here, or with a ton of other goodies here), I knew I would be focusing on organizing my kitchen this week. So I also picked up two new packs of food storage bins, some plastic plates and bowls for the kids, a pack of dish towels, and a plastic bag holder.

This is what I did yesterday. I did this in 15 minute increments.

*Vacuum fridge coils

*Clean HVAC filter. It was sooooooo dirty. This felt really good.

*Declutter kitchen table. This has turned more into "declutter kitchen island" since I moved into a house with an island. I have a basket, and I throw everything that does not belong on the island into that basket. When the island is cleared, I dump everything on the living room floor. Then I create piles, one for each room of the house, and place each item into the pile of the room for which it belongs. Once everything is sorted, I take a couple of piles (i.e., bedroom and bathroom, since they are near each other), and go put everything in it's place. This "declutter kitchen table (island)" is on the Master Calendar in January because I also take this time to evaluate what I want to be on the island permanently. I used to keep my purse, work bag, and a few other work staples on the island. But I felt it was too much visually. So I cleared a shelf in the hall closet, and now I keep those items in there. The result is that the kitchen island has more room for food prep, and visually more appealing overall. Each week, when I get to the kitchen as one of my Daily Zones, I do the whole "basket/pile/put away" procedure.

I used to use a very large basket for this, but I found that I allowed clutter to accumulate longer because it took a lot to fill up the basket. So I repurposed the basket for muffin tins and cookie sheets, and I placed it on top of the fridge. 

Now I use a smaller bin, which makes me disciplined in keeping clutter off the counter!

*Declutter plastic cups and water bottles. I threw out all of the bowls/cups/plates/bottles that had been chewed by the dog. I also threw out the sippy cups that are not spill proof.

*Declutter dish towels. I recycled the towels with holes, cut them up into rags, and placed in the hall closet for dusting and washing the car.

*Declutter kitchen gadgets, tools. I threw out broken spatulas, burned wooden spoons, and replaced them with the new Ikea kitchen tools.

What I had left was figuring out a re-purpose for the old food storage. I had so many mis-matched lids/containers. Here was my plan:

*Match the lids/containers.

*Throw out lids with no container to match.

*Find uses for containers without lids - I'm thinking nail polish storage, junk drawer organization, desk organization, baking supplies, etc.

*Find uses for containers with lids - random screws/nails and store in Mr. Perfect's toolbox, small toy storage, craft storage, etc.

Here are the results!

Are you following along on the calendar? I would love to hear your challenges and successes! Link to your photos/blogs below for me to follow!

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