Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Job Search

I'm going to share something fairly personal with you. After we go over recent Google searches, of course!

First, I want to give credit where credit is due. I created these cards for my Etsy shop based on something I saw on Pinterest. I believe I found the creator of these cards. I have not fully researched her website to see if they are available for purchase or if she has a free download. But I love her design, and I want to add the topics she has to my cards. As well as more designs. It's on the To Do list.

So here she is, found her through Google: RUKRISTIN

"stages of grief" (my son had a loss and we are working on the grieving process)
"how much is Nicole Curtis worth" (do you watch Rehab Addict? Love that show...)
"would you rather be the best of the worst or the worst of the best" (which goes to show that the internet does NOT have an answer to everything)
"how to set up garage door clicker"
"taylor kinney lady gag" (THIS BLEW MY MIND, I had NO idea they were a couple)

What did you research today?

Today I have a free printable for you. The reason for this printable is very personal to me. My husband lost his job in August. He has been staying home with our children. He is a wonderful father, and he does a great job staying at home. But he struggles with it. He struggles with the financial aspect, the toll of caring for two toddlers ALL DAY, as well as a multitude of other things. So far, this has actually been a financial blessing for our family. We used to wonder how on earth we could spend so much on groceries each month, yet also feel like we weren't living with anything that we couldn't live without! Since his job loss, our eyes have been opened. We are spending FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS LESS per month on groceries. Combine that with no bill for child care, and we are doing okay. It is not an ideal or permanent situation by any means. But it has been a very good financial lesson that I hope we will stick with and take forward once he does get a job.

Getting him a job has been a disorganized mess for us! We send each other links for jobs left and right, he goes on interviews and I'm not sure which position they're for, and he says we will hear back in X amount of time, but I never remember. So I decided to get it under control and organize it.

This is my favorite kind of organization. Organizing STUFF doesn't come as easily to me as organizing INFORMATION, which is what this is. I love organizing anything. Give me buttons and I will organize them all day! But what I do well at is organizing information. I love spreadsheets. Maybe my love goes like this:

1. Google
2. Coffee
3. Spreadsheets
4. Everything else

I created a four page printable that will track the jobs we have applied for, the interviews he is going on, and passwords for the job sites. Take a look. I am keeping this in our Family Planner in the Miscellaneous Section. I will be doing a post on the overall Family Planner soon, and we will be making a complete Family Planner in 2014, so keep checking back for details. I tried to make this sort of "manly" since he may be using it, you know, it's blue for boys, and I didn't use a flower print.

There are lots of scenarios where this printable would be useful. Are you satisfied in your current position? Maybe you are looking for the next step in your career. Perhaps your family is moving and you need to find a job in the new city. I also know a lot of people are in our situation. I hope this will help you, or someone you know keep track of their job search!

Happy Organizing - INFORMATION!!!

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