Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Back

Remember those years before kids, when "Fall Back" actually meant an extra hour of sleep? Those days were so lovely. Waking up in your warm, cozy bed, the silence surrounding you. Big, long stretches and snuggles with your (adult) loved one. Turning on the TV to watch Sunday football, eventually schlepping out to the kitchen to make some hot coffee and cinnamon rolls, then back to the bedroom to be lazy while you consume your delicious morning treats while they are still hot. And not spilling them. You leisurely scroll through your Facebook newsfeed on your phone (that's actually a lie, Facebook and smart phones didn't exist before I had kids), while idly petting the kitty curled up on the bed next to you. Those days I was really well rested. I didn't appreciate those moments enough. Those days will be back, though. On the other side of raising kids. And I will appreciate them. For now, I appreciate the other moments I have. These moments include cold coffee, spills, and no extra hour of sleep. But they do include Facebook and smart phones, so it's okay.

I never in a million years thought that when I had kids I would dread the fall time change. Kids love an extra hour of sleep, right? NO?!? That should be the first piece of parenting advice you receive when you decide whether or not you want to have children.

"We are thinking of starting a family. Do you have any thoughts on the matter?"
"Yes. The Fall Back time change sucks, so think long and hard about it. Oh, and unconditional love, it's so rewarding, blah blah blah."

Moving on to recent Google searches...

"how to handle the time change with kids" (you had to see that one coming)
"what is daylight savings for" (NOTHING. Not one good reason except for messing with parents.)
"Lorde Royals music video"
"I Am Number Four book series"
"Origami paper fortune teller"
"when were short sideburns popular" (late 80's, early 90's)

What did you research today?

I'm finishing up two items from last month's Master Calendar, so bear with me. We will move on to the November Master Calendar in my next post, I promise! Have you downloaded your November Master Calendar yet?

The first item is replacing your dental products. This should be completed every six months. Toothbrushes, anything reusable that goes in your mouth. Take this time to make sure you have enough floss, toothpaste, and chapstick. I will also replace toothbrushes and chapstick after a bad round of colds in the family or if anybody has vomited.

The second item is to update your self care kit at work. I have a drawer where I keep my purse, and I have a small basket of "emergency preparedness" items. This includes:

Travel size deodorant (this has saved me so many times when I have forgotten to apply at home!)
Toothbrush (don't forget to replace this every six months as well)
Cough Drops
Tylenol/Advil (these expire, so make sure to check the date before you take them)
Extra phone charger
A few basic make up pieces (mascara, eye shadow, lip gloss, concealer, pressed powder)
Small mirror
*ahem* Lady's "monthly" products
Mini lint roller
Bobby pins
Hair bands
Small brush
Stain remover wipes
Safety pins
Nail clippers
Sewing kit
A bounce sheet in a plastic bag (for when your clothes are extra static clingy) - I think they also make a static cling spray

I know this seems like quite a list, but it all fits in this tiny space. And it is so worth it - I have found each of these items to be very useful at the most random times, for both myself AND my co-workers.

Lint rollers attract dust, so I leave the dirty sheet on the outside as a cover. When I need to use the roller, I take the cover off, use a new sheet, and then it acts as the cover until I need to use it again! If I threw out the dirty sheet each time I use it, then the clean sheet attracts dust between uses. This way I'm not wasting two sheets.

If you are a stay at home parent, then A) KUDOS TO YOU, and B) you can also keep a kit like this in your car, diaper bag, purse, etc.

Do you have a self care kit? What do you keep in it that you can't live without?

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