Friday, October 18, 2013

Writing Letters To My Kids and Currently Cards

The weekend is coming! Do you have any exciting plans? My plan is to go to Walmart and pick up some humidifier filters. It's a wild life, I tell ya...

Recent Google searches...

"2008 Nissan Versa tire pressure" (mine were low)

What did you research today?

When I was little, my mom used to write the cute, funny things my brother and I said in a book. On rainy days, we would look through photo albums and read that book. That is a memories I cherish, and a tradition I want to repeat with my family. As I was cleaning out my desk this year, I found a set of three blank journals I picked up at some point. I was about to give them to a friend when I thought, "HEY! I have three kids, and three books. I should start writing that book." (as a side note, I'm really good at math, right?) So I brought the books to work (because that's where I get the most personal stuff completed), and they sat in the drawer for about four months.

Every time I looked at the books I was afraid. Afraid I wouldn't know exactly the right words to say. Afraid I would write in pen and spell something wrong. Afraid my kids wouldn't like the books.

Then I realized, as I was looking through my grandmother's photo albums, that I wished I knew more. What was life like for her? What kinds of things did she like and dislike? What foods did she eat? What jobs did she have? So I started writing. I figured if I hated how it came out, I would just toss the books. What ended up happening was that I LOVED MY BOOKS! I enjoy writing in them so much that I do it nearly every day! I cannot wait to pass these books on to my kids. I think they will be interested to read about what life was like when they were younger from their mom's perspective. Especially after I'm dead (yeah, I went there).

Something else I wanted to log, although perhaps not as often, is what is going on in life, "CURRENTLY". What are we watching on TV, what songs do we like, what books are we reading? So I made these "Currently..." cards. I punch holes in them and keep them in my planner. I may pull them out and scrapbook them one day, or staple a few into the kids' books I am writing for them. I may create an entire package dedicated just to these. They are up for sale in my Etsy shop. I have four designs so far. You get ALL FOUR designs in your purchase, and you can print these over and over again, endlessly! So basically, you will receive a lifetime supply of "Currently..." cards, for less than a roll of washi tape. Which runs out. QUICKLY, if you're at my house.

Stay tuned next week, I will be giving away the November 2013 Master Calendar (sounds so ominous!), as well as finishing up tips and details from the October calendar.

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