Monday, October 14, 2013

The List Post

Are you still working on your clothing inventory? This is the last time I will mention it! Lest I begin to sound like my kids. "I don't want carrots. I no eat carrots. Deez carrots gross. Dey old. No carrots for me." On and on, until I want to shove the carrots in my ears so I do not have to hear the word "carrots" EVER. AGAIN.

Recent Google searches:

"how much sleep does a 16 month old need" (FYI, the answer wasn't enough sleep for my liking)
"ctfd parenting"
"dream big little one" (love this blog)
"how to roast sunflower seeds"

"the difference between AM radio and FM radio"
"are raw hot dogs bad for you"

Those last two searches are from my almost 11 year old son. I love his inquisitive mind, and his thirst for knowledge. My little googling protege!

What did you research today?

I made this week light on the Master Calendar because my daughter's birthday is today! She is three. She ran into our bedroom this morning, shouting, "MOMMY! MOMMY! I'M THREE TODAY!!!" She makes me wish I was still three. What a fun age. Emotions are pure, not tainted by experience. I really enjoy watching her grow and learn. This week is open for completing the final details for her party.

Let's review what we have done so far this month:
Clear space for out of season clothes
Create storage inventory for clothes
Wash/dust all light fixtures
Declutter outgrown kid clothes
Donate old winter coats
Organize gloves, scarves, hats
Declutter night stands
Clean under beds (also known as binky recruitment at our house!)
Declutter dressers
Clean front yard, back yard, and garden
Plant onions
Attend local festival (we went to two!)
PLUS! Our Daily Zones every day!!!

Whew! Look at all of this! And the month isn't even half over yet. I can't wait to see what we can accomplish during the last half of the month!!! Since this week is light, assuming you don't also have a birthday party to plan, take this week to catch up on anything you need to work on. Sit down, make a list of tasks you want to complete, and then write them down in prioritized order. Then get started!

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