Friday, October 25, 2013

Inventory Additions and Free 30 Days Printable

This will be short and sweet. Let's start off with my favorite...Google searches!

"maria kang" (local celebrity)
"bullet journal app" (there isn't one - million dollar idea right here!)
"minimalism" (I am sick of having so much STUFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF)
"what does the fox say"

What did you research today?

I updated the Clothing Inventory listing on my Etsy shop. I added four more printables! The price has remained the same...this ONE time! I will continue to add inventory printables to this listing, but from now on, the price will increase. You will receive FIVE inventories to download instantly, for just $1.50!!!

What about the people who already ordered their clothing inventory? Have no fear! I am sending them the new inventories. I'm super fair like that. Just ask my kids.

I also have a FREE printable for you. Well, it's not really free. All I ask in return is your undying devotion to me. EASY PEASY.

The person who figured out how to get you to impulse buy is a genius. Or a serial mind game sociopath. You decide. You see an item that has been strategically placed. You want that. You convince yourself you need it. Can't live without it. In your cart it goes! Checkout! Ooo, that rush of a new toy! Then you get home. Sometimes the purchase is truly a good purchase, and you make great use of that item. Other times, it is forgotten, buried under life, perhaps found later. And then there are the times where you regret your purchase. Buyer's remorse sets in. I spent too much. I didn't really need this. I am already living paycheck to paycheck. What was I thinking?!?

How do we avoid this? I have a simple solution. The 30 Day Wait List. You can decide how to use this. I am currently using it for anything I do not need to live. If it's not food for my family, it goes on the list. I write the date, the item, and the price. If, after 30 days of being on the list, I am still thinking, breathing, LIVING for this item, I give myself permission to purchase it (assuming of course, we can afford the cost). Nearly 100% of the time, though, I am over it. I have moved on to a different "obsession". An obsession that will last less than thirty days, apparently. Maybe you will choose to write any single purchase over $50. Or $100. Maybe you will use this to write down things you want but cannot afford, and it will end up being a gift list for your family for Christmas! In any case, I would encourage you to take note of your purchases, and what is not an actual necessity. You may see a huge difference in your bank account! Those little purchases add up quickly!!!

Enjoy your new toy! For free!!! My gift to you. And don't forget to download your inventory sheets and start taking control of your life. You don't have to write that purchase down on your list. I give you permission to buy it now!

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