Tuesday, September 24, 2013

About Me

I am a native Northern California girl, and I work outside of the house full time for the largest property management company in the world (*insert evil laugh here*).  I am addicted to coffee (gold member at Starbucks #arrived), Google, and organizing.  My dream job is to be an organizational psychologist (it’s a thing).  My hobbies include judging people on Facebook, checking my iPhone every 45 seconds, and wearing black.

I would list all of my favorite TV shows, but then you might think I don’t do anything else, so let’s just say my favorite channels are HGTV, Food Network, BRAVO, and prime time weeknight channels like NBC/ABC (think Parenthood, Chicago PD, Survivor, etc.).  You can assume I watch nearly every single show on said channels.  I would like to thank the inventor of DVR, and insomnia, for making this possible.

What I hope to offer you is inspiration, motivation, and a thirst for learning.  I’m here to share how I try to improve my home, my family, and myself.  I try to balance my happiness with biting sarcasm so you don’t hate me for being so cheerful.

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