Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Good Bye September, Hello October

Can you believe today is the last day of September? Are you ready to start the Master Calendar for October? Have you received your free October printable yet? I will be going through it here on the blog, so be sure to check in for tips!

As promised, I have a free notes printable for you! Just click HERE to download your free printable! I use this to jot down thoughts throughout the day, and then transfer them to my master To Do list in Evernote. You could also print a bunch on some heavier paper, glue at the top, and TA-DA...notepad!

Google searches from this weekend:

"gluten free pumpkin recipes" (YUM)
"Cowboys game today" (they lost)
"post it quiz" (what is your organization style - find out here)
"mid century modern font" (designing a logo for my boss - it came out AMAZING!)
"bee and babes" (love this blog)

What did you research today?

I had a very busy weekend that involved a lot of back and forth traveling. We would pack a bag(s) with clothes, diapers, snacks, drinks, extra clothes, shoes, toys, etc., head to our destination, and return late and exhausted. The next morning, we would get up and empty the bags and start the process all over again. Of course by Sunday night, the house was a disaster, piles of clothes, both dirty and clean (but not separated that way), leftover snacks and drinks, shoes, and toys are littering the house. And we were all too tired to address the mess. Today I have that feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. So I will make a list. Room by room, I will write down everything I want to complete. I will prioritize each room with a number system, start at the top of the list, and go one step at a time. I cannot wait to get my house in order again!

In addition to tackling the items listed in the Master Calendar next month, I have also been working on a monthly planner, and an adorable menu planner. Eventually, all of these items will go into a Family Planner, which will be a custom package that you can put together to help get your life in order!

The day before a new month, I review the Master Calendar and put a list of items on my To Do list in Evernote. I also write some items on a sticky note to keep in my planner. As I complete the work, I delete the items in Evernote, and cross them off my sticky notes.

The Evernote tasks are items I can just do. They don't require anything other than time. The sticky note tasks require something other than time. Perhaps money or purchasing something from a store, some googling, needing an item from someone else, creating a printable, etc.

I would like your feedback on the notes printable! Would you prefer a different size (this is meant to be printed on 8.5x11 paper), different color, more writing space, different sections for writing, etc.? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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