Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Freshly Brewed

How was your weekend? Mine was beautiful. It rained on Saturday. I love the rain. It smells so good.

In the middle of the heaviest downpour, my husband and I thought it would be best to take our three children to the grocery store. It was perfect timing for the nap schedule. The nap schedule always wins, and doesn't give one hoot about the weather. We came home and dried off and then made s'mores by the fireplace.

Then Sunday was bright and sunny, but still cool. A perfect first day of Fall. I don't need a calendar to tell me it's fall. I know because, all of the sudden, I have these uncontrollable urges to purchase leaf shaped stickers and put pumpkin in everything.

Googles from the weekend:

"marble jar allowance system" (trying to motivate my ten year old to do chores)
"is Jennifer Aniston pregnant" (no)
"gluten free peanut butter cookies"
"dream interpretation"

What did you research this weekend?

I also did some party planning this weekend. This is one of my favorite things to do because it involves organizing and parties. Coming up with creative party ideas is my idea of a good time.

I love coffee, and my daughter has my coffee loving gene. I only give her small sips here and there. I'm not filling her up with espresso and then letting her fly around the house with a dewebber attached to her backside. Although, that gives me a really great idea for Shark Tank. *makes a note*

She is about to turn three. I figure this is probably the last year she will not care what kind of party she has. From here on out, I expect it to be princesses, Minnie, and pink tea parties. Which is absolutely fine with me. And I will design the heck out of those themes. But for now, I want to do something unique. Her first birthday party theme was pink golf. Her daddy is a golf lover, and I wanted to do something for him for his first baby girl's first birthday. For her second birthday, she was really into trains, so I did a vintage train theme with a feminine twist. And now, coffee.

I don't try to reinvent the wheel with party planning. If you Google "party planning checklist", you will get a bunch of results that all basically say the same thing. I should probably create a checklist and save it. Maybe for the Family Planner I have in the works. But for now, I Google. Because it feels so good.

I keep tons of lists going in various places. My organizing style is a hybrid between physically writing things down, and having electronic organization. For party planning, I do it electronically. I use Evernote and keep a list of things to do. When they have been completed, I delete them.

Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, since I have less than three weeks until party day! Writing it down makes it seems doable. One step at a time. Today, I will focus on: decorations, games, crafts, and favors. Manageable!

Also going on this week are some home improvements. We have awful, old linoleum in our bathrooms and laundry room. We (meaning my husband) are ripping it out and staining the concrete. Photos to follow!

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