Friday, October 25, 2013


I had time to tackle more than one calendar item today! I love those days.

I decluttered towels and washcloths, recycling old ones to the hall closet for dusting, or the garage for washing cars or other dirty clean up.

I pulled out all of our sheets from the hall closet, matched sheets to pillowcases, and labeled them with a note so I would remember which size was which.

I decluttered hangers. I made sure all of my oldest daughter's clothes were hung on pink hangers, the younger daughter's clothes are on white hangers. I like all white hangers. My husband does not care, so I gave him any colored hangers I had.

I checked all of the pillows and mended one that had stuffing leaking out.

I shook out all of the door mats.

My husband cleaned the HVAC filter. We do this every two months. I have a reminder in my Master Calendar, and I use an electronic reminder. We have a reusable filter, so he just used a hose on it. If you do not have a reusable filter, please do not hose off your filter! You will need to make a note of the size of the filter (or take it with you), and go to Lowe's or Home Depot or another home improvement store. Walmart might even have them? Maybe Target? PICK TARGET! I LOVE TARGET! This is something that you can stock up on, so if you happen to find filters on sale, get a few to have on hand. Then you don't have to go out every time you need to replace it. A quick Google search tells me to change filters every 60 days. Depending on your air quality, pets, construction environment around the home, etc., you may need to do it every 30 days. I would also recommend scheduling regular HVAC maintenance every 6 months. This can cost anywhere between $30-$90 per visit. You will be prolonging the life of your unit if you do this. I just replaced the HVAC system for my house. Top Ramen every night for the next six years! The company that installed our unit said that as long as we clean the filter every two months, we do not need regular maintenance checks. So ask your local HVAC company if your system requires regular inspections.

I had lunch with a friend. This is huge for me. I am an introvert by nature. I am social, but only "social media social". I like to work through my lunch. I was dreading lunch all morning, but then I got to the restaurant, and of course, I had an amazing time. She is my oldest friend, and it was good for my soul to see her. This was a good reminder that it is important to do things that benefit just yourself sometimes. What have you done for yourself lately that has been just for you? I would encourage you to do something for yourself.

I did NOT clear the closet floor, because a) it is only covered in shoes, and b) my girls would follow behind me and undo all of my shoe organization in less than two seconds. I have to be realistic about some things. But one day, I will be able to pick up my closet floor, so I keep it on the calendar. And if I had any stray items had been on the closet floor (i.e., sweatshirt, toys, books, etc.), I would have picked them up and put them away in their proper place.

On the agenda for this weekend:

Planning my daughter's third birthday party! Since I did ^^so much^^ today, I will be able to relax and focus on party planning. One of my favorite things to do! We are doing a coffee theme. The girl loves coffee. She is ALWAYS stealing my coffee. That's how you can tell I really love her. Because I let her drink my coffee.

Next week my goals are to:

Plant garlic
Obtain a quote to clean out the fireplace and chimney
Start a gift list for the holidays
Clean gutters
Inspect wooden fences for exposed nails (you could also do this on a wooden deck)
Recaulk around doors and windows where needed

I also have on my calendar to insulate exposed pipes. However, it isn't cooling down that much just yet. So I moved this to my "To Do" list to check again in October.

I have a surprise for you! Check out my Facebook page for a sneak peek of something fun coming your way in 2014!!!

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