Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Daily Zones

Happy Saturday! I have been Googling today. Here is a peek into my Googles for the day:

"zone five garden calendar"
"family of five vacation packing checklist" (<---wish this one was for me!)
"a bowl full of lemons" (love this blog!)
"einstein quotes"
"passover kitchen"
"how to clean a dog's ears"

What did you research today?

Do you ever look at your entire house, decide everything is completely out of control and disorganized, feel panicked and overwhelmed, give up, and wish you could hide under the covers and never leave?!? I do! But I have something that helps me get past that.

The Daily Zone, which is listed on my October 2013 printable (you can find it here) helps me, and hopefully it will help you, too.

Each zone is one area or room in your house. Mine are as follows:

Front yard
Guest bedroom
Living room
Master bedroom
Master bathroom
Bedrooms (two)
Laundry room
Back yard

Write down all of the rooms in your house. These are your zones. Divide them between the 7 days...I'll wait while you get a calculator...are you back? My calculations show I need to attempt to address 1-2 zones per day.

The next step is to look at your schedule. Write down everything you do on a regular basis each week. Don't include things that may be on your calendar at this moment that are not recurring, weekly events, such as a dentist appointment. Unless you do go to the dentist every week, in which case, bummer dude.

Sunday - free
Monday - work, karate
Tuesday - work, karate
Wednesday - work, youth group
Thursday - work, karate
Friday - work
Saturday - am karate

Can you tell we do karate at our house?

The laundry room is small, and the guest bedroom doesn't get used very often. I will couple those zones together, and put them on my calendar on a day that my schedule is very busy, since I won't have as much time on those days. I work outside of the home, and usually have more time at home to do things around the house on the weekends. So I will couple two large zones for the weekend. My Daily Zone schedule looks like this:

Sunday - Master bathroom
Monday - Entryway, laundry room
Tuesday - Kitchen, living room
Wednesday - Playroom, guest bedroom
Thursday - Master bedroom
Friday - Bedrooms, bathroom
Saturday - Backyard, garage

Each day, I dedicate a minimum of 15 minutes to the zone listed on the calendar. Here is what I do during that time:

Dust baseboards and window sills
Dust furniture
Clean floors
Empty trash
Declutter cabinets, drawers
Put away stray items

Set a timer (your phone, microwave, egg timer, have your 10 year old count out 900 seconds). Turn off the TV, crank up the music, or enjoy the silence. Don't do anything for the next 15 minutes but focus on your zones. When you are done, stand back and admire your work!

Taking on an entire house all at once when you only have 30 minutes (or less) to spare is truly impossible. Attacking one or two rooms each day is much more manageable. Put the Xanax back in the medicine cabinet and try this. Let me know how it works for you. Ready? Set? GO!!!

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